Applied for your First Credit Card? Know the Basics!

By | October 15, 2015


If this is your first time at a Credit Card, you can be sure you’ll love it to bits. But first, here are a few things you should know about your shiny plastic!

Here’s the deal. A lot of cards will offer your zero annual rentals but at a steep interest rates. Paying your outstanding balance at the end of every month is not something you can overlook. So the perfect card for you would be the one that offers a low interest rate. It’s also safe to understand the penalty for late payment, you know… just in case.

As a first time user, use your Credit Card carefully. If the idea is to have it for emergencies only, then get a card with a low limit. Get used to your Credit Card. Then again if you are a meticulous planner and are sure to make timely payments, understand the grace period you card offers you to make your payments without an additional fee.

Good news for you. Your credit card can make you feel special. Choose one that matches your lifestyle preferences like for example if you are a frequent flyer, get one that lets you earn free air miles every time you fly. If you’d rather swipe your card for fuel waivers, diner discounts at particular joints or utility payment rewards, you totally can.

It’s nice to be excited. But remember to keep a check on yourself for the first few months and get used to the freedom a credit card brings to your everyday shopping decisions. Make a good impression by paying your dues right on time. In the case of minimal use of your card, make small purchases just to keep your card alive and kicking.

To love your Credit Card is to know it well. Spend some time knowing the benefits that Credit Cards come with and avoid over using it to your disadvantage.

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