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Credit Card Management

Credit Cards are a great safety net when you’re hard-pressed on your finances. A Credit Card is also a great way to shop, especially if you’re not prepared with cash up-front. Plus, you get great discounts and deals depending on the type of Credit Card you’ve opted for. What’s not to like, right? Here’s how you can maintain your peace of mind in six simple ways:

The Benefits of a Credit Card

It is said that we fear things that we do understand. Quite right and very apt in the case of plastic money. Borrowing is always ‘frowned upon’ by the masses since it is believed to lure people into a debt trap. Let’s clear all this fog, shall we. A fresh new perspective on credit cards is the need of the hour we’re here to offer just that.

Applied for your First Credit Card? Know the Basics!

Credit Cards come with a lot of benefits, along with the financial freedom you’ve been looking for. You can choose to use it on a regular basis or keep it as a back up in case of an emergency – the possibilities are endless. If this is your first time at a Credit Card, you can be sure you’ll love it to bits. But first, here are a few things you should know about your shiny plastic!

4 Habits that can Hurt Your Credit Score

With Credit Cards, making timely payments isn’t the only thing to remember. You’ll be shocked to know the truth. What you consider normal may have a completely different meaning for your bank. We’re letting you in on some big secrets. Read on: Making A Minimum Payment Every Month Yes, you are making a payment every… Read More »

Are You Actually ‘Credit Card Ready’? Find Out Now

Wanting more out of your life is always a good thing. And while you deserve everything you’ve wanted and more, here are top 5 signs you’re “Credit Card Ready”… You’re clear-headedStart with the basics if you’re starting from scratch – ranging from personal finance to mortgages and life insurance. Your decisions will depend on how well… Read More »