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SBI’s New FlexiPay Home Loan Scheme

Nothing shouts ‘security’ more than owning an asset, such as a house or an apartment, and people usually put great efforts into saving up enough to be able to afford one. With such a great market going for them, financial institutions are going out of their way to make Home Loans accessible to the masses.

The BankBazaar Home Loan Index

The Home Loan market is constantly-changing. It can sometimes be difficult to keep a tab on all the activities going on in this segment. A Home Loan Index, however, can give you some insight into the Home Loan market. So, how about quickly getting to know about the Home Loan market with our BankBazaar Home Loan Index before you started investing in this segment?

RBI might cut repo rate to a 3-year low!!

The May review may see the Repo Rate hitting a three year low, as the apex organization for monetary policies, the RBI, is expected to bring it down for third time in the year The Reserve Bank of India realizes the need to support the various economic activities, so as to help them sustain in… Read More »

RBI hikes rates, banks might wait till July 27th

Although easing liquidity is not in sync with the rate hike, RBI has decided to go easy on liquidity because of the temporary liquidity squeeze on account of advance tax outflow and 3G spectrum payments. RBI has decided to extend its liquidity management measure of 0.5% of the bank’s net demand and time liabilities under… Read More »

Increase leverage on home loans

Teaser loan schemes are personalized products introduced in the market in order to entice more clients. Although most of the banks have stopped offering teaser loans, SBI and HDFC Bank still offer these loans. With these schemes the customer can make a choice and reduce the interest rate during the initial years of the loan.

Retail lending increases; home loans plunge

The 4th quarter of the fiscal just ended saw a big increase in credit flow which helped banks to fulfill the credit growth estimate laid down by the RBI. The big portion of credit flow in this period was from the retail loan section but saw a big decline in credit to the home loan… Read More »

Home sector to be affected if home loan rates increase by over 2%

The forthcoming monetary policy is expected to lead to an increase in interest rates by the banking industry. Home loan rates are very likely to increase post this credit policy review. Experts claim that if home loan rates increase by over 2% then the housing sector is expected to be badly affected. Anuj Puri, ones… Read More »

Real estate expected to bear the brunt of increasing home loan rates

Home loan rates may increase making borrowing costly for builders. It is expected that RBI may ask banks to provide more capital for loans to real estate projects. If this occurs then banks would require more capital which would force them to increase rates of home loans. It is believed by top banking officials that… Read More »