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What Exactly Does The RBI Do?

The Reserve Bank of India is the central bank of the country. You probably already know that it decides interest rates in the country but it does much more than that, actually. Keep reading to know what.

Offshore Companies – Nutty The Squirrel’s Story

When we hear the term ‘offshore company’, our first reaction is one of scepticism. And, why wouldn’t it be? We have always heard of them in connection with fraud, money laundering or other such activities. This has given way to misunderstandings that all offshore companies partake in wrongful behaviour. Allow Nutty the Squirrel to debunk this myth with a story.

Stand Up India – An Entrepreneurial Initiative

The “Stand Up India” initiative takes forward the Modi government’s plans to rev up digitalization and promote welfare of women and marginalized communities. The incentive behind the plan is to unlock more jobs for people and nurture a culture of entrepreneurship.

How do Interest Rates Affect Inflation?

Have you wondered if the interest rate that you’re paying on your Car or Home Loan has a say in the increase in the price of a dinner for two at your favourite restaurant? No? Well, you should. And here’s why.

Why Does The RBI Regulate Interest Rates?

The RBI has the herculean task of establishing monetary stability in the country. To do this, it is equipped with the right to determine bank rates and implement different monetary policies to help maintain price stability and an adequate supply of money in the country. So, how does the RBI determine bank rates? What is the impact of the RBIs policies? Let’s take a closer look.