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What to Do With Your Bonus Money

Got your bonus? Congrats! It’s time to splurge but shouldn’t you invest it or repay your debt? Here’s help on how to use that bonus wisely.

Getting Your EPF E-Passbook Is Now Easy! Here’s How To Go About It

Checking your EPF balance is just a matter of clicks now. Here’s how you can access your EPF e-passbook via the EPFO portal.

Want To Be Rich? Focus On These 5 Money Goals

You must segregate your short and long-term goal, identify the link between each goal, draw a plan and achieve each goal as per that plan.

Top 6 Rookie Mistakes That You Should Nip In The Bud

Are you in your 20s and not sure where to begin when it comes to money management? Well, here’s a list of 6 rookie mistakes to avoid by the time you hit 30.

The Really Smart Guide To Building Wealth Quickly

What do you do with the money that accumulates in your Savings Account? This makes all the difference between simply saving money and wealth creation. Here’s everything you need to know about building wealth.

Can A ULIP Help You Meet Your Long-Term Goals?

ULIPs allow you to customise your savings depending on your financial goals. But the question is whether you’ll be able to meet your long-term goals by investing in a ULIP. Let’s find out.

5 Financial Mistakes Most People Make When Starting Their First Job

Into your first job already? Congratulations! Here are some financial mistakes you need to avoid and be careful about.

Offshore Companies – Nutty The Squirrel’s Story

When we hear the term ‘offshore company’, our first reaction is one of scepticism. And, why wouldn’t it be? We have always heard of them in connection with fraud, money laundering or other such activities. This has given way to misunderstandings that all offshore companies partake in wrongful behaviour. Allow Nutty the Squirrel to debunk this myth with a story.