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How To Link Aadhaar Card To Bank Account Online/Offline

Take a look at the video and follow the simple steps for Aadhaar-bank account linking through online/offline modes and re-verify the linking status through the UIDAI official website.

Understanding The Punjab National Bank Scam

The Punjab National Bank fraud, which came to light on February 14, has rattled an already troubled Indian public sector banking community. Here’s what happened.

Here Is How Banks Track Suspicious Transactions

Government’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has certain guidelines regarding the value of transactions that appear suspicious. Read on to know more about it so that you feel secure about your savings and transactions.

Top 6 Savings Bank Accounts Of 2018

Looking for a place to park your money that will still fetch you decent returns? Look no further! Here are the top 6 Savings Bank Accounts of 2018!

Eye-Opening Facts About Demat Accounts

Wondering what a demat account is? Want to know how it functions? We’ll tell you all about how a demat account works, its features, benefits, how to open an account and more.

How To Transfer Money Overseas Using Your Indian Savings Account

A family member living overseas is in a financial emergency and you need to remit money immediately using your Savings Account. We’ll tell you how to do it without breaking a sweat.

RBI’s New Relaxed Rules For Opening Bank Accounts!

You just need a single document to open a bank account. Curious? Read on to know how the RBI has introduced KYC norms that make it easier to open an account.

What Is A Cash Deposit Machine And How To Use It

A Cash Deposit Machine is a self-service terminal wherein you can deposit money into your account without the help of a bank teller. Want to know more about it? Here’s the full scoop!