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Unified Payment Interface (UPI): Mobile Payments Now As Easy As An SMS

Mobile payments are set to become as easy as sending an SMS, thanks to the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Here’s all you need to know. Read on.

How To Register Your Banking Complaints Online With RBI’s Banking Ombudsman

Have a banking complaint that hasn’t been resolved as per your expectation? No sweat. The Banking Ombudsman is here to tackle all your problems.

Payments Banks And Their Possible Impact On The Financial Sector!

Payments banks are giving tough competition to regular banks. They might even be more approachable. We’ll tell you how this could change the financial landscape of the country.

ATM Usage And You

ATM usage could cost you a significant sum if you withdraw money too often. However, some smart moves can help you avoid this.

State-Wise Bank Holidays In 2017 (Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu)

It’s important to know when bank holidays take place around the country since schools, colleges and offices also remain closed on these days. Here’s a list of state-wise bank holidays for the year 2017.

8 Financial Practices You Should Avoid

Finances and money play a very important role in every individual’s life. Let’s throw some light on common financial practices you should steer clear of.