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CPSE ETFs – Why They’re In The News, And How You Can Invest In Them

The Central Public Sector Enterprise Exchange Traded Fund has been a hit with investors – which is why the government plans to launch more such funds. Read on to know what’s the hype all about.

Tips to invest!

The known remedy to make capital surpass inflation is to invest in equity instruments. This helps investor grow their capital much faster and will help beat inflation in spite of sharp periods of decline. Equity investment refers to the buying and holding of shares of stock on a stock market by individuals and funds in… Read More »

Explore approaches to investing!

The only reason investors head for the stock market is to earn better returns compared to other investment avenues. The objective is the same but approaches can be different. For example, some may like the growth theme, some may like the value theme; few are excited about banking sector while some find consumption theme intoxicating.

Buzzing ALGO trading!

ALGORITHM (ALGO) or high-frequency trading (HFT) are a buzz word in the field of stock trading field. An ALGO and HFT trading can be explained as an automated trading system like a robot which takes its own decision based on the defined parameters. In such trading, the data received by the system is quicker than… Read More »

How to manage your portfolio!

Rajesh is an insurance professional who had heard a lot about stock market giving humongous returns to some of his friends. With their advice, he started following the market but did not dare to enter it. However, in 2007, he could not control himself anymore and invested 2 lakhs in stocks of blue chip companies.… Read More »