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A Chat With Danish Sait – The Master Quipster

What does it take to embrace multiple personalities seamlessly and effortlessly? We had a frank conversation with Danish Sait and here’s what the master quipster, actor, emcee, RJ, aspiring teacher, cat lover, and, most recently, undisputed Comedy King of the Lockdown told us.

Get Nice And ‘Toit’ With Arun George

One of Bengaluru’s popular breweries ‘Toit’ is everyone’s favourite. We got chatty with their co-founder Arun George and figured out a lot of things about the place including the right pronunciation of ‘Toit’.

Drums, Paisa & More – An Exclusive Chat With Abhilash E. K., Drummer Of ‘Best Kept Secret’

It all boils down to how you manage your finances! Abhilash E. K. talks about his career as a drummer, how he started out, and most importantly, how he manages money.

An Interview With Manik Taneja – And How He Kayaked His Way Into GoodWave

Adventure sports sure give you that adrenaline rush, but what if you were to take it up professionally? We talked to Manik Taneja and his journey from being a full-time software engineer to an expert kayaker.

Straight From The Drawing Book Into Reality –A Penny-Wise Chat with Alicia Souza

Inspired by coffee, chips and her pets, Bangalore-based illustrator Alicia Souza has created a brand for herself and now runs a company that manufactures artist merchandise. Here’s what she has to say about savings, her career and using a Credit Card.

On Air With RJ Abhimanyu Kak—Learning Crucial Financial Lessons From His Journey Through The Entertainment Industry

Always wanted to do something different but got stuck in a boring job? Here’s the right dose of motivation you need from someone who had enough courage to go after his dreams—RJ Abhimanyu Kak.

Metal, Money & Mentalness – Decrypting Kryptos’ Frontman Nolan Lewis

Nolan Lewis, frontman of the metal band Kryptos talks about his journey as a professional musician, his take on money and much more – all slathered with his trademark sense of humour! Also, did we mention that he works with us? Read on!