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Budget Highlights 2013 – Tax points!

Clarity in Tax laws, stable tax regime, and Independent judiciary is the underlying theme. Tax system should reflect best growth – Tax Reform committee to be setup to make system better. Direct Taxes Little room to raise tax levels. Prudence and Patience. NO CHANGE IN TAX SLABS Tax Credit of Rs 2000 for people in 2 Lakh to… Read More »

Budget 2013 highlights on financial sector!

Financial sector to stand on strong legal and structural platform. –      Standing council of experts to analyse financial sector and check transactional costs. –      12500 plus crore for capital infusion of public banks. –      Financial Inclusion on course – all Regional Banks already on Core Banking System. –      All public Sector banks to have ATMs… Read More »

New mantra-Higher growth & inclusive development!

Some opening Notes on Finance minister’s Speech as it rolls out live. “People and Human resources is the key focus of the budget. –      Current account deficit, Oil imports, Gold imports – 75 Billion Current account Deficit. No choice between welcoming and spurning Foreign investment – FDI, FII or ECB. Foreign investment is imperative and… Read More »

The nth hour budget expectations!

For the kind attention of Mr. FM   This is to bring into your notice that now the expectations are higher from each and every sector. You are not new to such attention from society at large. Plenty of things have been delivered in the last seven budgets you have presented and plenty more are… Read More »

NRI expectations from the Budget 2013!

Union Budget always carries high aspirations from the people and its benefits to high number of individuals are a mark of success for the government. Everybody wants to know, how upcoming budget will prove beneficial to them. With the increasing pace of globalization, now even NRIs also pay close attention to the Budget to know… Read More »

Expectations of small tax payers from budget!

While India’s Annual Budget is important to understand the Government’s planned revenue and expenditure, it is equally important to the common man to understand how his finances shape up as a result of this event. Small Tax Payers are typically the salaried class and small entrepreneurs, who are the first to be hit in case… Read More »

Expectations of women and the budget!

The Indian Woman has become an important part of the country’s electorate over the past few years, with a rise in education levels and their increasing importance in all spheres of life. The Government recognises this, more so, after the display of unity and togetherness in the Delhi case recently. Hence it is expected that… Read More »

Highlights of the railway budget 2013!

The Union Railways Minister Mr. Pawan Bansal has presented the Railways Budget for the year 2013 to the parliament today. This railway budget, the first one by a congress minister in 17 years received mixed reactions from experts and opposition alike. Expressing profound grief over the loss of lives due to the recent stampede at… Read More »

FM writes to FM!

A letter from an Indian housewife to the Finance Manager ahead of the budget.   Dear FM, I would like to introduce myself as the Finance Manager of my household. As I read the newspapers every day, I see so many expectations from so many segments. You must surely be overwhelmed.

Small Fish Big Wish!

Budget 2013 is less than a fortnight away and a nation awaits with bated breath wondering what is to come. Although political pundits will have us believe that this budget could see a positive windfall keeping in mind that the general elections are not far away, it is beyond anyone’s guess as to what is… Read More »