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JAM: Will The Idea Stick?

JAM, an initiative recommended by the Economic Survey of India, is geared towards improving the quality of life of Indians. Read on to know more about the program and its future.

Union Budget 2016-17 – Highlights

The 2016-17 Budget identifies 9 pillars through which the government aims to transform the rural economy, while boosting urban growth and development. The FM also stressed that India remained resilient in the face of the global economic crisis.

Union Budget 2016: Five Things The Common Man Expects

With the annual budget just around the corner, there are strong expectations of the Finance Minister. From corporate bigwigs to businessmen and salaried individuals, everyone is looking for tax relief measures that can make the taxpayer’s life easier. Here are some measures that are likely to be on the budget wishlist for the common man and may see light of the day come February 29th.