Destroying Gender Stereotypes In The Financial World

By | April 17, 2021

Stereotypes have plagued our lives for years now, and finance is no exception to this phenomenon. Here are some gender-based stereotypes broken and crushed once and for all!

Destroying Gender Stereotypes In The Financial World

Human society is very complex in its intrinsic design, and while this complexity has a lot of remarkable elements to it, it isn’t free from certain negative elements. Stereotypes may have come about due to some common patterns in history, but they have little relevance in the modern world today. Having said that, they still exist in a very subtle way.

Right from our lifestyle choices to professional careers, we’re constantly being judged by someone or the other and compared to a character sketch that their eyes deem ideal. Today, we’re going to address and crush common stereotypes that women face when it comes to money and personal finance.

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Do note that we’re not stating that these perceptions are still thriving and looming over us; they’re just there, somewhere, in a subliminal form.

Stereotype 1: All Women Are Shopaholics

If you think this stereotype doesn’t exist anymore, just look up your family’s WhatsApp group; you’re bound to find a joke about how wives live for shopping. In reality, this is way too generalised a statement to make. Sure, some women love it, but some men do too – it’s not a blanket rule!

The modern generation is crushing this because today’s youth views each individual as a unique person with traits not bound by gender, so assuming that someone is crazy about spending money on buying stuff just because she’s a woman is far from logical. One runs the risk of typecasting another’s spending habits purely based on this theory.

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Stereotype 2: It Is The Wife’s Duty To Maintain a Log of Home Expenses

While this stereotype may have served society well back when women were mostly restricted to the role of the homemaker, it’s rather amusing how working women today are expected to spearhead finances when it comes to ‘homely’ duties like buying vegetables, provisions, cleaning supplies and the like.

Things have changed though. In a modern marriage where both the man and the woman are bread earners, it only makes sense for husbands to share equal responsibility when it comes to homely duties.

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Stereotype 3: Leave The Big Financial Decisions To The Man

Traditional society assumes that big financial decisions are best handled by men, when in reality, any individual, male or female, can make huge financial decisions like Home Loans or investments, as long as they are backed with knowledge and experience.

In today’s world, the more we embrace a level playing field for men and women, the more we empower individuals in their journey towards financial independence.

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Stereotype 4: Only Men Typically Discuss Finance

The cliché image of a traditional household where the man watches business news while the woman prefers to escape into the world of soap operas doesn’t have as much as relevance as it did back in the day. In fact, if you notice, the main anchors in many leading business channels, are all women! So, finance is definitely not just a man’s world.

The point we’re trying to make here is that stereotypes have been around for years, and some will probably linger on, but it is with our words and actions that we can crush them and open people’s minds to a more evolved view of individuals free from the shackles of pre-defined roles. Men too have faced certain stereotypes that are attached to them when it comes to career paths. Those who have dared to venture into unconventional streams have dealt with their own share of societal pressure on their journey, but times have changed, and for the better!

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