Checklist For Buying A Used Car

By | January 29, 2016

Checklist For Buying A Used Car

So, you’re thinking of getting a second-hand car? Choosing the car is only one part of the process. The most important part of the purchase process begins only after you decide on the car. The paperwork, registration and insurance are just some of the things that matter. Read this checklist for buying a used car and you’re sorted.

Inspect the car and the papers

It’s a good idea to get the car inspected by your trusted mechanic. Here are a few things you must look at before you make the purchase final:

  • Check the insurance documents. You should glance through those insurance papers to see if the car has had any accidents or previous claims. You could also check the No Claims Bonus. What’s the NCB percentage, you say? The higher, the better.
  • Engine Number and Chasis Number. The Engine Number and the Chasis Number of the vehicle should match the details given in the registration documents.
  • Check the brakes and tyres. Take the car for a quick spin around the block so you can check the functionality of the brakes. Inspect the tyres and the wheel alignment too.

Transfer the Registration Certificate to Your Name

You can transfer the Registration Certificate of the car to your name by filling out Form 29 and Form 30 at the RTO in the jurisdiction where you live. Remember the form should be signed by the previous owner and you. You will receive the Registration Certificate with the name changed within 45 days.

Is the Car Insurance in Your Name?

Getting the car’s insurance policy in your name is also important. If the Registration Certificate is registered in your name but the Car Insurance is still in the name of the previous owner, the insurance policy becomes void.

How to Transfer the Car Insurance Policy

Transferring the Car Insurance policy to your name is easy. There are three ways you can do this.

  • Opt for a name change in the policy papers. You can get the name on the insurance policy changed and delete the previous owner’s name. All you need to submit to the insurance company is a photocopy of the RC transfer receipts or a photocopy of Form 29 & Form 30.
  • No previous insurance policy? Get one. If the previous owner does not have an existing insurance policy for the car, get a new policy right away. We can help you with getting Car Insurance.
  • Need an easy way? The easiest way to get your name on those insurance papers is to get a new insurance policy in your name. This way you can choose the insurance company and get the policy at a price that suits you. 

Clean and fix your car before the first drive

Let your car shine before your first drive. Give it a thorough cleaning. Change the fluids and oils before you start using the car.

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