Dreading A Broke Month End? Here’s How You Can Still Have Fun

By | April 6, 2019

Month-ends can be drab when the money’s tight, but here are some cost-effective ways you can still have a good time.

Dreading A Broke Month End? Here's How You Can Still Have Fun

Going out for fun and entertainment can be expensive if you live in a big city. Everything from your cab ride to your fancy dinner and cocktail comes at a price.

If you’re one of the many people who can relate to the month-end money woes, we get how you feel – you’re deprived of your weekend outing and are forced to cut back on entertainment. Don’t fret though; we’re here to share some pocket-friendly ways to make the most of those tight weekends at the fag end of the month.

Take A Hike, Literally

No, we’re not being mean, we’re referring to the actual physical activity of hiking. Most towns have a couple of nearby hiking spots that are just a short drive away. Instead of moping about the house, you might as well breathe in some fresh air and enjoy nature’s view. Apart from your fuel cost, there’s pretty much nothing else that’s going to cost you.

Netflix To The Rescue

If you love going out to the movies, don’t even think about hitting the theatre when you’re broke. Literally every snack you lay your eyes on is expensive, and so is the movie ticket. When you’re dealing with a tight weekend, draw your living room curtains, whip up some DIY popcorn and get your movie fix via Netflix – thus, money saved!

Invite Friends Home

If your buddies are hell-bent on catching up for dinner or a couple of drinks, pitch the idea of a house party. As long as you make it clear that each person shall pay for his or her food and drink, a house party can work out much better than a Saturday night at a fancy pub. Look at the positives; you’re in control of the music, and you can pretty much chill out in your jammies!

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Cook, Don’t Order In

Since you’re broke, it can be safe to say you don’t have too many weekend plans and can make time to cook your own food. You’ll be amazed to know how much people in big cities spend on food orders. On broke days, it’s best to try out some simple recipes and eat to your heart’s content. Even if you need to buy vegetables and provisions, you’ll still be spending less than a meal ordered from a restaurant.

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Use Your Credit Card, But Wisely

Credit Cards are an awesomely convenient tool when you’re short of cash, but that doesn’t mean you should invite everyone you know for drinks on the house and swipe your card through the night. What we suggest here is that when you’re short of cash, but wish to attend an event that’s only going to be held on that particular weekend, you can use your Credit Card and go ahead, no biggie.

Engage In Indoor Activities

If hiking or sports isn’t your scene, you can always revisit classic board games or pass the time with a deck of cards. If you’re into art or music, now’s the time to dedicate a whole weekend to it. A creative outlet is great when you want to release the frustration of being broke!

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Catch Up On Some Reading

If you’re a reader who always complains about not having enough time to sit with a book, now’s your best chance to rekindle your love for reading. Since, when you’re broke, distractions are at an all-time low so it’s a good time to escape your reality and immerse yourself in a gripping novel or comic.

We understand that everybody has a broke day or two, but if this happens at the end of every month, it’s time to give your personal finance habits some rethinking. Many people misunderstand products like Credit Cards and Personal Loans to be debt traps. In actuality, these tools can make life very convenient provided you manage them well.

Besides these, you can also think of opening a Savings Account or Fixed Deposit so that you can start stacking up cash that will certainly come in handy on a rainy day.

Ready to give your finances a makeover?

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