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How To Lower Your Electricity Bill

Worried that your monthly electricity bill is only shooting up? These tips will help you keep a tab on that power meter to lower your electricity bill.

Is Your Spouse Bullying You Financially?

Financial bullying is a serious matter. Is your spouse or partner a financial bully? Here’s how you can find out whether you’re being bullied financially or not.

Money Habits of Millennials

It is estimated that almost 64% of India’s population will be in the age group of 20 to 35 years by 2021. These guys, referred to as millennials, are going to totally reshape our country’s economy. So, what exactly are they doing with their money? Let’s find out!

Parenting – Has Your Bank Balance Grown Up Too?

Parenting is not the same as it was a decade ago. You really need to have a good sum of money to provide the best for your child. Let’s take into account all your likely expenses.

When It Comes To Financial Planning, Confucius Say…

Well, when we conversed with him, Mr. Confucius was confounded when confronted with the conundrum of Financial Planning. Confused? Let’s face it. It was a different world then. Insurance as a product probably didn’t exist (if you don’t count daylight robberies); so, checking your life insurance options was probably unheard of. Land was conquered, not bought using loans;… Read More »

What can anger a working woman?

Women save a larger share of their earnings, but they will likely still be worse off when they retire because they earn less and spend more. This was a telling insight reported by ADP, a US-based research institute. If this is the case with one of the most developed nations worldwide, can it be very… Read More »

Paisa Wise, Rupee Foolish

My neighbour AtiBhudiram doesn’t shy away from going to city outskirts for bargain shopping. He doesn’t mind spending money on petrol to save few rupees. His wife proudly displays the clothes he has bought at such bargain prices to my wife to showcase “Neighbour’s Envy Owner’s Pride”! Atibhudiram also bought a luxury car last month… Read More »

Letter to the finance minister from a salaried employee!

Dear Shri. Arun Jaitley Hope my letter would find you in the best of health and spirit. I had read in the newspapers a few months ago that you had undergone bariatric surgery for weight loss. Sorry for my negligence but a common salaried man like me has no chance to undergo such a surgery.… Read More »