Easy DIY Home Renovation Tips On A Budget

By | January 11, 2021

Home renovation and remodelling can be a costly affair. That’s why we’ve come up with easy, DIY ideas that you can use to give your home a facelift.

Easy DIY Home Renovation Tips On A Budget

With the pandemic confining us to our homes for almost a year, our home is no longer just a place we come back to every day. They have now become our workspaces, breakout areas, cafeteria, children’s playground – all rolled into one! If those countless Zoom meetings have you switch your background to those templates out of embarrassment, your house is probably in desperate need of a facelift. Here are some easy DIY tips for home renovation that you can undertake on a budget.

  1. Throw In Some Colour

Those dull, white walls giving you depressing vibes? Get hold of a few cans of your favourite colours and paint the walls the way you like it. If you’re worried that you may not do a good job of it since you aren’t a pro, don’t be. Amateur brush strokes look raw and artistic too. You can also add a dash of colour to those dull walls by putting up decals, paintings or posters of your favourite films/sitcoms/sportsmen.

No need to shell out thousands for a decent painting. Head to the nearest government art gallery where they sell reprints of paintings by famous artists for less than a hundred bucks and frame it as you want for the walls of your living room, bedroom etc.

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  1. Get A Bookshelf

Never got around to buying a bookshelf for the scores of books that have been piling up on the floor? Well, time to get over your laziness and get one. Online market places offer a ton of discounts on furniture every now and then and have some really cool designs. You can even opt for a second-hand piece if you don’t have the budget for a brand new one. A bookshelf can really lift the mood of your living room and become a conversation starter. If the top looks bare, spruce it up with a bonsai plant or succulent.

  1. Change The Mood With The Right Lighting

Hosting a party but can’t seem to get the vibe or mood right? The right lighting can help set the mood for any occasion. You can use cellophane paper of different colours to wrap bulbs or even hand paint lamps and place them in corners. No need to buy those expensive disco balls for your house parties. Use these DIY ideas to create the perfect party setting.

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  1. Quirk Up The Décor

A simple rearrangement of furniture can give your house a complete makeover. You can even spruce up the décor with little eco-friendly knick-knacks like ceramic planters, terrariums, colourful hanging kettles, terracotta vases etc. Knick-knacks like these are easily available online at really affordable prices and can instantly have a positive effect on the vibe of your place.

  1. Replace The Curtains

One easy way to change the boring look of your entire house is by replacing the curtains. Summers in India can be quite unbearable, so if you’d like to keep the room cool and airy, you can opt for sheer curtains or even bamboo blinds. For a more elegant feel, you can even go with pleat curtains.

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  1. Go Green!

Plants are not only an instant mood lifter but also have fantastic health benefits. You can place/hang bonsai plants in your room, on the dining table, the kitchen counter and anywhere else you see fit. If you prefer growing your own veggies instead of shelling out hundreds to purchase them from the market, you can even organically grow your own veggies in a secluded patch of land in your garden.

  1. Spruce Up Your Furniture With Pillows

Pillows can drastically change the look of your sofas, couches or divans. Give your dull looking furniture an instant facelift by throwing in some pillows. These days, pillows come in all shapes and sizes and there’s a ton of really cool looking pillow-cover designs available online. You can even get your favourite movie posters, photographs etc. printed on pillow covers.

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While you can take out a Personal Loan or use a Credit Card to fund your home renovation, it’s best to keep your expenditure to a minimum with these quick DIY ideas if there is no major renovation or repair involved.

However, if you decide to opt for either a Personal Loan to fund your home renovations, remember to be regular and disciplined with your repayments so that your Credit Score stays in good shape.

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