How To Become A YouTube Star

By | April 26, 2018

Ever wanted to be a YouTube celebrity? Well, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about becoming a YouTube star.

Most of us subscribe to YouTube channels and follow them religiously. There is no dearth of choices/genres on the platform. In fact, there’s something for everyone. Whether it is comedy, life hacks, music, or one of the million other things under the sun, YouTube is a universe all of its own.

We often discover YouTube celebrities and channels through recommendations and crossovers. Well, it isn’t just fame and fans that people-turned-celebrities want to garner on their journey towards becoming a YouTube star. They also want fat paycheques for their work.

In this article we will talk about everything you need to know about becoming a YouTube star, earning lavishly while you’re at it and living it big!

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Many celebrities and video bloggers (vloggers), have come forward and discussed their journeys and how they have converted their passion into a profession. Incredibly, some YouTube stars make millions, depending on their popularity. They then multiply this money by investing in the right places.

Mutual Funds are quite hot nowadays. However, there has always been a divide between the pay scale and remuneration artists receive for generating traffic for the channel.

The digital industry is quite dynamic and therefore does not function according to any set rules. One person’s insanity can be another person’s reality. While some may make it big without too much effort, there are many who struggle to make ends meet as professional YouTube artists.

In this article, we’ll try and decipher the mysterious world of YouTube by tackling one issue at a time. The ever-changing nature in this line of work keeps it shrouded and a subject of much discussion.

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  1. Where Are The Earnings Coming From?

You must have noticed that every time you click on a thumbnail of a video, it does not start playing immediately. We are usually greeted by advertisements and to our dismay many of them are skip-proof! These ads are one of the ways an artist earns money.

YouTube stars are paid to sponsor products on their channels by primarily allowing ads to feature before their own videos. However, that is not the only source of income for YouTube Stars.

There is no single, standard way to become rich as an artist on this platform. The trick is to keep an open mind about collaborations, promotions, product features etc. In short, the professionals have to keep an eye out for any and every sort of opportunity which may come their way. Until and unless you are a multi-millionaire vlogger, you cannot be too picky!

If you are a fledgling YouTube star it would be wise if you invest your earnings instead of spending them all. A Fixed Deposit is a good option since it offers safety of returns and you can choose to lock your money for a short tenure, giving yourself the flexibility of reinvesting the money in newer videos.

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Outside The Digital World

To remain a star, YouTube stars need to shine beyond the digital landscape as well. They have their own public interviews, concerts, fan-signing events, and much more! One of the most lucrative options for them is to get signed by a brand.

Brands are now turning their focus to YouTube celebrities because of their growing popularity among the masses. They exhibit an influential aura but are not as ‘out-of-reach’ as big-screen celebrities. The masses relate to these artists and tend to base their decisions on their endorsements.

For instance, Sherry Scroff, the fashion icon, usually conducts her meet-and-greets at the Clinique store. This way, she meets her fans and endorses the brand itself. Brands are a large source of income for YouTube stars and therefore they direct their attention towards gaining sponsorships and contacts. A budding YouTube star should be ready to jump at any good opportunity that comes their way.

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Brand Value

Since YouTube stars have a global reach and are loved by fans for their individual unique traits, the brands today want to tap into this potential. This, in turn, has become a source of income for YouTube aspirants. It’s no secret that when an artist catches the fancy of a big brand, he or she is well on the way to success.

Companies want influential YouTube Stars on their team in order to gain maximum public attention. They often compete with each other to get an artist onto their side. Gone are the days when YouTube stars played only a small role in generating leads for various brands. They now hold the position of brand spokesperson/representative and are actively involved in important promotions and campaigns.

As an aspiring YouTube Star, it is absolutely essential to keep all your paths open and be ready to jump at any opportunity that comes your way. That is the golden rule of becoming a YouTube celebrity.

The same is true of your investing strategy. You should keep an eye on your investment portfolio and be ready to make changes as necessary.

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  1. What Kind Of A YouTube Sensation Earns More?

Consumers have the power to build or reject someone as a YouTube star. Their attention and devotion is what puts celebrities on a podium.

Most YouTube stars make it big because of two important factors. First, they have what it takes to lure the audience to their channels. It can either be their content, their communication skills, or the interaction approach they adopt.

Secondly, they adhere to the current demands of the industry. One cannot work well without the other. So, when a manager or a producer decides to back an artist, they look for both these qualities. Youtube ‘views’ decide the success of a celebrity and subscriptions display the magnetism.

The Right Fit

For instance, brands which sell makeup will look for artists who are considered ‘makeup gurus’. Or if a brand deals with fitness equipment or nutrition then it will look for popular fitness YouTubers.

The artists are expected to promote the brand in their videos and are often even required to make exclusive pieces for them. This gives rise to the next question ─ how do audiences react to these commercial bits? It is no secret that audiences do not prefer commercials when all they want is their favourite artist’s genuine take on life.

More often than not, YouTube stars lose subscribers because of branded videos. At the same time, these stars cannot forgo ad deals. It’s like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Budding YouTube stars have a lesson to learn here. Just like you must work to retain your existing subscribers, you must also work equally hard to keep your investments going. There’ll be emergencies when you’ll be tempted to break some of your investments, but refrain from doing so and let your investments live out their lifetime in peace.

High Retention Rate

You may have noticed that many times YouTube stars will swear by the products of certain brand, in turn helping create selling points for them. This kind of advertising is what keeps YouTube stars afloat and in business. After all financial stability is a must if one wants to sustain themselves in the industry.

The public, however, is only concerned with one thing, and that is being entertained. The main objective of a YouTube star is to gain more subscribers and retain the old ones.

Keeping Up The Image

With power comes great responsibility and the YouTube stars, being public celebrities, have to maintain their reputations. The act gets better when a YouTube star reaches a point where they can negotiate deals with brands on equal terms. They sign with brands which they like and can dictate the terms of sponsorship. This allows them the leeway to reject offers which are downright hazardous to their public image. Until a YouTuber becomes big, they have to accept offers which they would normally pass on.

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How To Convert Subscribers Into Monetary Benefits?

For a YouTube Star the job does not end with gaining millions of subscribers on the channel. The next steps are the big ones as they focus on monetising their stardom. For instance, if a YouTube singer decides to record an album of his/her own then she also has to market it to her followers. They should be willing to shell out money in order to buy her CD. If artists can influence their subscribers to spend money then it’s a gateway to stardom for them.

Selling items from their personal collection is a trend with YouTube stars these days. The kind of response these sales receive is indicative of the artist’s success.

Some YouTube sensations have also published books about their life stories and have received a welcome response from their audience in terms of good sales. For instance, Lilly Singh, the famous YouTube comedian came up with a book titled, “How to do it like a Bawse’. The real show of success was displayed when the book sold well in the market. So being able to monetise your stardom is a huge feat and an important aspect of surviving in the industry.

Talent is crucial in order to attract eyeballs. However, smart marketing is even more important because it ensures survival. Establishing oneself as a famous personality on YouTube is different from making a good living out of it. Therefore, a smart manager/artist knows how to transform those lovely subscriptions and follower figures into good money.

If you are seeking to achieve the dual purpose of entertaining and making a decent living as a YouTube star then you’ll need a smart strategy and some seed investment. We won’t interfere with the strategy but we can for sure help you with the money bit.

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