How To Lower Your Electricity Bill

By | September 20, 2018

Worried that your monthly electricity bill is only shooting up? These tips will help you keep a tab on that power meter to lower your electricity bill.

How To Lower Your Electricity Bill

It is common for some people to simply turn on the lights during the day in a brightly lit room, or to switch off the fan before they leave their house. Well, doing so won’t make you a bad person, but you know, you’re only wasting electricity and adding more numbers to your electricity bill!

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In recent times we have become heavily dependent on electrical gadgets and appliances of all sorts. At home, we’re constantly using the internet router that is plugged into the socket 24/7, laptops, phones, water heaters, toasters, mixer-grinders, air-conditioners, TVs and washing machines are just a few examples. The list can go on.

And whether you realise it or not, the cost of these things don’t just end after you’ve paid for them at the time of purchase. You will constantly be paying for these gadgets each time you use them by means of paying your electricity bill.

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It is very easy to go overboard with your utility bill. Although these expenses may not seem too much, if they exceed a certain sum in a particular month, they will eventually eat into your monthly budget. And this, in turn, will make your whole financial planning go topsy-turvy.

You may think it’s just a few hundred or thousands here and there, but remember if you’re planning to save you need to make small changes to your habits. After all, every penny counts.

Here are some effective ways to lower your electricity bill.

Don’t leave doors ajar when the air-conditioner is on

The thing with appliances like your air-conditioners and refrigerators is that they consume a lot of energy when you put them on. So, there is a lot of load when you first switch on your air-conditioner until it relatively cools the room to a certain temperature.

But, if you’re constantly walking in and out of your room, there can be a dip in temperature and your air-conditioner will have to use more power to kick-start its cooling mechanism again.

The same applies to your refrigerator. Each time you open your fridge door, the temperature inside varies and puts a strain on the appliance to consume more power to get the temperature to the desired number.

Invest in an eco-friendly appliance

These days you will see that most electrical appliances are marked with certain “stars”. These star ratings are nothing but an indicator of how eco-friendly these appliances are.

And most eco-friendly products are designed to use lesser power, therefore, making the product energy-efficient and not straining the electricity consumption.

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Use water carefully

Well, we live in a world where there’s already a scarcity of this natural resource. You may not realise it but things like your washing machine, dishwashers and water filters end up using gallons of water during each washing cycle and this, in turn, means a lot of electricity too.

So, minimise the use of these appliances to save more on your power. This way you will also help save more water. Other effective ways to save water is by replacing your showerhead and fixing leaky faucets and taps. Consider taking shorter showers or don’t leave the tap running while you shave.

Replace your light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones

You may not think too hard when you’re buying a new light bulb for your lamp and will pick a random one that’s available at the corner shop. But, do yourself a favour and invest in a fluorescent or LED bulb that comes with an energy star label that will not only have enough watts for daily consumption but which will also use lesser power.  This is a great way to cut down your electricity bill.

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Power off all electronic gadgets when not in use

Letting your mobile phone charge all night at your bed-side table or leaving your laptop plugged in when not in use are a few things we tend to do very often.

But, if you’re looking to lower your electricity bill you need to stop doing these things and ensure you switch off these gadgets totally when not in use.

Re-check your house before leaving it for the day

You can put up a sticky note by your door to remind yourself to re-check whether or not all switches are off before you step out of your house. This is by far a simple method to ensure you haven’t left anything turned on and thus will help in saving a lot of power.

We hope these tips help you save on your electricity bill. But, if you’re looking for ideas to save more money then you’ve come to the right page! Just click on the button below to explore the various options we have for you.

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