Life insurance: The Unsung Superhero

By | December 31, 2015

LIfe Insurance-The Unsung Hero

What is Life Insurance? Well, the simple answer is that it is an instrument that lets you secure the future of your family and, in some cases, make sure that you have enough money to pay for the nicer things in life. There are policies out there that give you simple insurance cover; there are those that let you retire in peace with your insurance paying you when you retire; and then there are those that pay out large sums of money as the policy nears maturity. With all the benefits that Life Insurance provides, why it doesn’t come with a cape and its own theme is baffling because, when used properly, Life Insurance can be better than a superhero.

Sure a superhero has all the powers, the admiration and he/she gets the glory of having saved the day, but if you look at the grand scheme of things, Life Insurance does more than just save the day; it saves the future. It battles the villainy of time, inflation and unfortunate events to make sure that the future of those it protects is safe! How does it do this?

  1. Makes sure that your family is not left penniless

You were on your way home after a long day at the office and something unimaginable happens. Sadly, you don’t make it. The superhero can only regret your passing and offer condolences but the big question now is, who takes care of your family’s needs? The superhero can’t but your Life Insurance policy can.

  1. Helping pay for your child’s higher studies

Sure, if your child’s school bus was in trouble, the superhero would come and, in a display of strength and courage, lift the bus out of harm’s way. But what happens when the child grows up and wants to go study abroad and you don’t earn enough to pay for such an education? That is where the right plan comes into play because, if planned properly, a Life Insurance plan will provide maturity benefits that can pay for that education.

  1. Helps you retire in peace

When you were young, you got a job and worked hard at it. Then you moved to the next stage of life and had a family to take care of. You took them on vacations, paid for the kids’ education and made sure they had a good life. Now you are done working and want to retire and you realise that your favourite superhero won’t come and pay for you but guess what? A Life Insurance policy that offers a retirement plan will.

  1. Helps you save on taxes

We all know that saying about death and taxes. If you just think about it, a superhero cannot save you from paying taxes but Life Insurance can. It will come and tell you, “Sure! Invest in me! And guess what? The money you spend on me won’t be taxed by the government!” Who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Prevents your family from having to pay your loans

You took a loan to buy that dream house you always wanted and then fate played a dirty trick and took you away from your family. Who pays the loan now? The superhero won’t, but a Life Insurance policy will.

  1. Let’s you pay for that awesome vacation or the dream house

You have a dream that one day you will go on a vacation to some exotic place or pay the down payment for the house that you always wanted. If you were to approach a superhero with this dream, he would just tell you, “That’s an awesome plan, but sorry, mate, I can’t really help you pay for it.” If you went to Life Insurance with this request, it would tell you, “Sure! I have schemes that can help you achieve your dreams.”

Honestly speaking, what we really need to do is do declare a “National Life Insurance Day” and have parades in its honour. The fact remains that superheroes with powers exist in a comic universe where fantasy rules the day, but Life Insurance exists in our universe where reality is the king and preparing for eventualities is the order of the day. Luckily, with a little bit of help, a Life Insurance policy can ensure you are prepared to take life on!

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