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An Introduction to Child Plans

Child Plans are insurance plans that help parents save for their child’s future expenses. A Child Plan offers a Life Insurance cover on the parent’s life and ensures the financial security of the child in case of the parent’s demise. Read on and we’ll give you an introduction to Child Plans and tell you why they are a good investment to secure your child’s future.

Why Aren’t People Buying Life Insurance?

With life insurance policies providing its customers so many goodies, it is very surprising to note that not many people in India even bother with buying life insurance. The question then becomes why? These are some of the most common reasons why people might not buy life insurance.

Life insurance: The Unsung Superhero

Sure a superhero has all the powers, the admiration and he/she gets the glory of having saved the day, but if you look at the grand scheme of things, Life Insurance does more than just save the day; it saves the future. It battles the villainy of time, inflation and unfortunate events to make sure that the future of those it protects is safe!