Planning To Get A Pre-Owned Car? You Must Read This!

By | September 4, 2015

So you’ve decided a Pre-Owned car is the way to go. Great choice! Now here’s your to-go guide while you’re at it:

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History. Vehicle maintenance documents 
First things first. A vehicle’s history report is essential and your decision to go forward should depend on it. A well-serviced car that has been checked into an authorized service station at regular intervals would win more points than one that has been serviced locally. Documents are what you should be looking at. Check!

Geography. Cars in your area
Your car hunt should start from your neighborhood, it makes your research way easier and effective. Gather information from several dealers and strike a good communication rapport to be able to get information you wouldn’t get access to over the phone or email. Face to face conversations go a long way in negotiating too.

Test-Drive. Drive it your way
A test drive gives you an instant idea of the condition and pulse of a car. Take it to the speed you’re used to, if you’re used to mountain driving, make sure you swerve and slope the car as you would in high altitudes.  If the car responds to what you you’re used to, it’s a good start. And if it exceeds your expectations, you have a winner.

Negotiation. Should surface last
So you’ve set you heart on a car, don’t jump into bargaining right at the start. Have a figure in mind and anticipate how far you’d like to stretch it, but only when you’re happy with the pile of documents, condition and feel of the vehicle. Avoid being in a hurry to close on the deal. Be prepared to walk out, often this could work as an advantage to you if you can display a little detachment!

If this is your first time at buying a car, more so a Pre-Used Car, taking a friend along is a good idea. Also be sure to take a trusted mechanic along with you while conducting a vehicle inspection, who’ll catch technical details better than you, which could ultimately determine your purchase. And if your heart’s set on the perfect companion, we’re here to help!  

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