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Foreclosing Your Car Loan: Is It A Good Idea?

If you’re planning on prepaying or foreclosing your Car Loan, you may have to hit the brakes and think twice before doing so. Read on to know more!

The Best Home & Car Loan Sale this December!

The Home & Car Loan sale is on right now! A free Gift Card from Amazon could be yours this December when you apply for a Home or Car Loan. Read on to find out more about this Exclusive BankBazaar offer.

How Your CIBIL Score Affects Your Car Loan

Amit had a frown on his face as he compared the features of the Maruti Swift’s different models with the Hyundai i20. We know planning to buy a car is a tough decision. It was hard work, contemplating the price, comparing features and even the different colours.
Have you checked every detail? Have you checked your CIBIL score? We’ll tell you how your CIBIL score affects your Car Loan.

Home Loan & Car Loan Festive Offer: Diwali Dhamaka Sale is on!

Diwali is nearing and we want you to check everything off your wishlist. If you’ve been looking for the perfect Home Loan or Car Loan this year, look no further. The “Diwali Dhamaka Sale” by BankBazaar is here! Pst! We’re giving you some fabulous reasons to get your perfect home and car! Here’s why you should pay attention to what we’re telling you!

Your Guide to buying a Second-hand Car!

When you’ve had enough of inconvenient public transport, the hustle and bustle of everyday commute, maybe it’s time you finally considered getting your own car. A pre-used car is a great choice if you’re not very keen on spending the big bucks on a brand new one, just yet. Here’s a convenient quick-guide to go through before you set your heart on one!

Planning To Get A Pre-Owned Car? You Must Read This!

So you’ve decided a Pre-Owned car is the way to go. Great choice! Now here’s your to-go guide while you’re at it: Apply Now  History. Vehicle maintenance documents First things first. A vehicle’s history report is essential and your decision to go forward should depend on it. A well-serviced car that has been checked into an authorized… Read More »

All you Need to Know Before You Get a Car Loan

Car Loan Jitters? Here’s Some Help!  Airbags are important in a car, so are a few other things.Informed decisions – the order of the day. Here are a few things you need to remember: Get A Quote 1. Get Down With The Down Payment! Save up and increase the amount of down payment as much… Read More »

4 Great Tips for Buying Your First Car

A car is special for many reasons, especially when if it’s your first. We have a few top tips which might get you a great deal. Let’s check them out, shall we? Apply Now Timing is everything: December is the best time to buy your new car as companies’ advice potential customers to make their… Read More »

Why that Hybrid Car is a Good Option

Stand out! Own a hybrid car today. We’ll tell you why. Hybrids are affordable A hybrid may cost a little more than your conventional car but the savings on gas will balance that out in due time. A little research and we’re sure you’ll find a model that fits your family’s lifestyle. Boost your “Coolness… Read More »

Why it’s Time to Ditch that Bus for Your Own Car

Brave Bus Riders, maybe it’s time to consider a car? Or maybe, just maybe, you want to keep taking that bus for long journeys for these “irresistible” reasons? Aromatherapy The sweet smell of sweat, stinky socks and other less mentionable odours emanating from your fellow passengers will leave you rejuvenated. A full body massage Given… Read More »