Are You Actually ‘Credit Card Ready’? Find Out Now

By | September 4, 2015

Wanting more out of your life is always a good thing. And while you deserve everything you’ve wanted and more, here are top 5 signs you’re “Credit Card Ready”…

You’re clear-headed
Start with the basics if you’re starting from scratch – ranging from personal finance to mortgages and life insurance. Your decisions will depend on how well you understand your own finances. Talking to a friend or researching online could be your first step towards clarity. Kickstart! 

You’re a fast learner
So you’ve helped someone out financially and now you don’t know how to ask it back. While it’s a commendable quality, putting yourself at a vulnerable situation is never advisable. A little caution before generously lending your peace of mind to a relative or a close friend? Yes please!

Your virtue? Patience!  
In a fast-paced world, you’d hope your personal finances gathered speed as well. However, with a little practice, being patient turns out to be quite a financial virtue. Take your time to weigh pros and cons of your bigger purchases so you can consider the option of saving up for it. Now!

You always prioritise 
By figuring out your priority list, you can align your finances better. A quick review of what you need versus what you’d like in a perfect world will help sift the superfluous expenditures. Handle your biggest expenditures first and the lesser crucial bullet points last. Try it!

Your limit is your freedom
Sounds contradictory but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Knowing your own limitations and staying within your budget, Credit Cards no longer become a point of concern. Less is more, know what we mean? Aum!

Handling your finances well is no biggie once you’ve figured out these simple pointers. And if you think you could do with some extra help, you know just in case, we’ve have the perfect range of Credit Cards to make your life simpler!

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