Planning To Work While You Travel? Keep These In Mind

By | August 13, 2018

Being productive while you travel isn’t that difficult. It’s all about making the most of those little pockets of time. Here’s all you need to do.

While we agree that ‘to travel is to live’, you need to work to meet your travel expenses. It is really sad, but it’s a fact! But hey, you don’t have to be gloomy about it. If done right, there are so many ways you can work while you travel, without spoiling either. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about handling both work and travel at the same time.

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  • It’s All About Timing It Right

You can get a lot of opportunities to work while travelling. All you need to do is identify these opportunities and utilise them well. It can be something as small as a flight layover. The point is to make the most of such opportunities that knock on your door.

Try looking for a peaceful place to work, like, for instance, the airport lounge. We understand that the airport might not be the best place to work on something critical. Why not use the time to work on smaller and less significant stuff then? It can even be something as small as just checking and replying to emails. Just sip on your favourite cup of coffee and get started!

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  • Commitment Is The Key

Since we are trying to find out ways to make the most of your travel time, you’re not always going to find a peaceful spot to work at. But if you’re committed towards your work and particular about following deadlines, you are capable of making it work.

It’s not that difficult, really. We know you’re motivated enough. All you need is something to block the noise and chatter around, right? Plug in your earphones, zone out the chaos, and get on with your business. By the way, this trick usually works even in a normal office setting <wink>.

  • Planning Can Take You Places

You can control everything better if you have a plan in place. You do know that something as small as forgetting to download an important document or poor internet connectivity can make your work suffer, right? So, it’s always better to plan your work schedule ahead if you’re going to be working on-the-go. Even small things like forgetting your phone/laptop charger can prove to be a bigger problem than you expect.

In short, the most crucial thing about staying on top of your productivity game is to get all the small details right. It might require some meticulous planning, but it’s surely going to help you in the long run.

  • Think On The Go

Thinking is an art and you need to get it right. If you’re on a plane or any other means of transport and you don’t feel like opening your laptop or making any client calls, that’s okay. Just take out your scribble pad and use the time to think and plan. This will help you strategise better as you’ll get enough time to think about all the possible scenarios involved, leaving lesser scope for an issue later. Moreover, thinking is a good exercise for those brain muscles.

  • Mind Your Mode Of Travel

There are a lot of things (workwise) you can do on an airplane. But when it comes to other means of travel, you may not be able to be so productive. For instance, if you’re travelling by car, you might not be able to work on a project due to connectivity issues or review a document if you have motion sickness.

So, what can you do in such cases? The solution is pretty simple. Do something that doesn’t require any of the connectivity jazz. Instead, do something simple like taking those customer/client calls. But, don’t forget to use hands-free! We don’t want you to compromise on safety guidelines!

  • You’re Not A Machine

No matter how many espresso shots you’ve downed, don’t think of yourself as the Terminator. You can’t keep working continuously without burning out. While there are multiple ways to make your travel productive, you also need to get enough rest. After all, adequate rest is the key to super productivity.

That’s how simple it is to make your travel time extremely productive! Need more tips on productivity, or anything related to finance? Just leave a comment in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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