How To Renew Your Driving Licence

By Saroni Chakravarti | January 24, 2018

The thrill of driving around in your newly purchased car can disappear if you don’t have a valid driving licence. We’ll tell you how to renew it right here!

How To Renew Your Driving Licence

There is no occasion as momentous and euphoric as securing a driving licence. Finally, you can enjoy cruising through the highway with the wind in your hair. But, having a licence alone is not enough. There is also the matter of renewing it on time. You need to keep an eye on the expiry date of the validity of the licence.

Timely renewals ensure that who are eligible to drive have a licence. Factors like old age and unforeseen disabilities do not only pose your life at risk but that of others too. Hence, you must ensure to renew your licence when due.

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Why should you renew your driving licence?

As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for drivers of any vehicle to hold a valid driving licence to drive on the road. The government issues driving licence as a government document. It authorises the holder to drive a certain category of vehicle for a certain period of time.

Your driving licence also serves as a valid identity proof. Renewing your driving licence post its expiry is a must. Section 177 of the Motor Act, 1988, mandates that driving a vehicle without a valid driving licence is a punishable offence by law. Individuals are liable to pay for violating this law.

An expired driving licence is valid only for a month post the expiry date. It is within time one month period that you must renew your licence. If it’s been more than 30 days since your driving licence has expired, you can renew it by paying a small penalty. The latter rule applies to all those who apply for licence renewal within 5 years from the date of expiry.

The applicant must furnish a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and confirmation of driving licence issued by the original licensing authority if the renewal is taking place in a state other than where the licence was furnished.

Where should you file an application to renew your driving licence?

A duly filled application form with the necessary supporting documents need to be submitted to Assistant Road Transport Office (RTO).

Your driving licence will be renewed for 5 years if it is for a non-transport vehicle, and for 3 years if it is being renewed for a transport vehicle. It takes anywhere between 0-20 days to receive the renewed driving licence after the application has been submitted. However, it takes only 20 days if your application involves a process of verification and correspondence.

Driving Licence Renewal Form:

A Driving Licence Renewal Form is utilised as a KYC document when the vehicle owner concerned is looking to update/renew his/her licence, and the Road Transport Office (RTO) needs to understand the specifics of the current licence. This document can be easily downloaded from the concerned RTO’s website, or can be picked up as a physical copy from the local RTO office.

Documentation required to renew driving licence:

Here’s a list of documents that you should keep handy while renewing your driving licence:

  • A duly filled driving licence renewal application form. You can download this from your state’s RTO/RTA portal.
  • Applicant’s medical certificate is a must. You can download the form from your state’s RTO/RTA portal. Please note, only a licenced physician can fill this form.
  • Valid permanent driving licence.
  • Proof of age – any valid government-issued document like PAN card, passport, voter ID card etc.
  • Address proof/proof of residence: passport, driving licence, electricity bill, phone bill, lease agreement etc.
  • Passport size photographs of the applicant. Please note that the number of this differs from one state to another.
  • In the case of an address change, a permanent licence holder must update the same within one month at the RTO/RTA. A person can visit the RTO office which issued the original licence or at the nearest regional office to update the address.
  • If the permanent driving licence holder has moved to another state, then the aforementioned rule applies here too. A licence holder from another state also has to submit a NOC issued. This RTO/RTA which issued the original licence should provide the NOC.


The driving licence issue fee is likely to vary from state to state. Although the difference in amount is not a lot, there is a difference on a smaller scale. You can check with the RTO office or portal of your respective state’s to get complete clarity on the fee and other charges.

Old fee for driving licence renewal – Rs. 50

Revised fee for driving licence renewal in January – Rs. 200

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Lost Or Misplaced Your Driving Licence? Here’s How To Get A Duplicate Driving Licence

A Driving License not only allows you to legally drive your vehicle on the road but also acts as an important identity proof. In case your driving license is stolen, lost or damaged, you can get a duplicate driving license by contacting the RTO that issued your license. Also, some RTOs offer online facility using which you can file for a duplicate driving license.

But before you apply to renew your driving licence, you must do the following:

  • Go to the police station that has jurisdiction over the area where your driving licence was lost.
  • Lodge a complaint and make sure you get a copy of the first information report (F.I.R).
  • Visit the notary office to get an affidavit on a stamped paper. The affidavit will act as a proof that you took an oath before the concerned officer (executive magistrate/notary public/first class judicial magistrate) that your license is lost.
  • You will have to pay a small fee for the notary service and the stamped paper.

Here’s what you must do next to get your driving licence:

  • Go to the RTO. Make sure that you take 3 passport-sized photos, copy of the F.I.R and the affidavit with you.
  • Go to the enquiry counter at the RTO and collect the application form for a duplicate license.
  • Complete the application form and submit it at the driving license branch along with the other documents.
  • After this, you will have to go through the biometrics section. Here, your photo will be clicked and thumbprint will be taken.
  • Your duplicate driving licence will be delivered within the time period stated by the Asst. RTO officer.
  • You will have to pay a certain amount of fee for the new driving licence.
  • Once you get your new driving license, make a laminated copy of it. If you have a duplicate copy of your license, it will be easy for the RTO to track your details using your driving licence number.

Driving Licence Renewal For NRIs

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can be issued driving licences in India if they hold valid licences abroad. According to the State Transport Commissioner, all NRI’s are eligible for an Indian Driving Licence without having to go through the regular process for driving licence issuance.

These applicants will receive Indian driving licences for the same vehicle class as they hold in their current country of residence, as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. They will not be required to apply for a learner’s licence or take a driving test.

NRIs, who wish to apply for such a licence, will have to submit Form 4 along with a copy of their driving licence issued abroad along with the fee.

NRIs can also renew their Indian driving licence within 5 years from the date of expiry of the licence. An applicant will have to submit From 1, which is a medical form, and Form 9 along with two passport size photographs, a copy of the driving licence issued abroad and relevant fees at the regional transport office. The licence renewal fees will differ from state to state. Usually, the renewed licence is issued within a few days.

However, if it’s been more than 5 year since the licence has expired, then the applicant has to submit an application for a new licence and go through the entire process again.

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So, there you have it. Getting your driving licence renewed isn’t that difficult. Thinking of getting a new car? Take a look at our attractive offers on Car Loans.

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      Here’s everything you’ll need to do to renew your driving license. A Driving Licence Renewal Form serves as the KYC document when a vehicle owner wants to update/renew his/her licence, and the Road Transport Office (RTO) needs to understand the specifics of the current licence. This form can be easily downloaded from the concerned RTO’s website, or can be picked up as a physical copy from the local RTO office.

      Once you’re done filling this form, you’ll also need to attach requisite documents before the procedures of the renewal of driving licence can be put into action. Please click here for the list of documents.

      The duly filled application form with the set of required documents to renew your license should be submitted to the Assistant R.T.O. at the Driving Licence Branch in your state. Hope this helps!

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