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How To Renew Your Driving Licence

The thrill of driving around in your newly purchased car can disappear if you have a driving licence that isn’t valid anymore. We’ll tell you how to renew it right here!

mAadhaar – Your Identity In Your Hands

The latest from the Aadhaar territory is the launch of the mAadhaar android app by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Read on to know its features.

Demonetisation: Are You Aware Of The Rules?

Think you are a pro when it comes to the demonetisation rules? Here’s a challenge for you. Go on and find out if you actually are one.

Finance Ministry Approves 8.8% Interest Rate On EPF Deposits for 2015-2016

The rollback of the controversial EPF tax was met with a collective sigh of relief by the masses. However, the finance ministry has approved an 8.7% interest on EPF, contrary to the proposed interest rate of 8.8% by the EPFO’s Central Board of Trustees . Read on for the details.

Now Withdraw From EPF Without Restrictions

You can now withdraw from your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) for housing and health purposes without restrictions. Also, the new rules on withdrawing the entire EPF amount will be applicable only from 1st August 2016.

Aadhaar Means Paperless Transactions!

Haven’t we all cursed the painful task of collating documents when applying for a Credit Card, a loan or a Government Identification card? But, what if you could use your Aadhaar Card to make these transactions paperless?

Enrol Online To Be Added To The Electoral Rolls

You can now get onto the electoral rolls by enrolling online. You heard right! It’s possible to get your voter’s ID, update your details or change your constituency in just a few minutes. Read on to know more.