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And the winner is – The 5 L income earner

This piece will try to look at the numbers post budget 2010 and compare it with the tax laws prevailing in 2009-2010 to see which part of the Indian junta will laugh its way to the bank in 2010-11. There have been countless discussions on how the budget is pro-middle-middle class (the repetition of middle… Read More »

What can change for whom post budget 2010!

The exemption of customs duty on gold ores and concentrates for its manufacture will show a definite reduction in the cost of gold production which will be highly beneficial to the manufacturers. Gold bars other than tola bars will have a rise in price. The cost of export of plain gold and silver jewelry is… Read More »

Takeaway for a Housewife from Budget 2010!

The basic excise duty has been increased from 8% to 10%. This will have a compounding effect on almost all goods. By the time this article is written, there is some news that the petrol prices will be increased by about Rs.2.85/liter. Car makers have told that they will be increasing the prices after the… Read More »

Budget 2010 – It’s a win-whine story

The major cause of celebration was that people earlier in the 30% slab (those currently earning between 5-8 lakhs) have now been shifted to the 20% rate of income tax and those in the 3-5 lakh group have shifted to a lower 10% rate of income tax. Add to this the deduction of Rs 20000… Read More »

Budget 2010 – Forget inflation, increase income!

The key element of the budget that creates an income of almost Rs.10,000 crores for the Government and increases inflation in a big way is the introduction of Customs duty on crude and introduction of excise duty of Re.1/liter on petrol. This announcement in fact lead to heated objections in the Parliament and the budget… Read More »

A positive and friendly budget for individuals!

By far the most attractive thing in the Budget 2010 for individuals is the increase in the income tax slab limits. Though the entry level slab for income tax has not been changed from Rs.1.6 lakhs, there is a considerable jump in the other slabs. As per the words of the Finance Minister, this proposal… Read More »

A quick first take on Budget 2010

Apart from this the finance minister has also given an additional deduction of Rs 20000 for any investments in Infrastructure bonds. This will be over and above the Rs 1 Lakh we already have. Thus meaning we could even save up to ten percent of our income in case we are in the lower end… Read More »

Budget 2010 – May not make taxpayers happy

Changes related to the Personal Income Tax like increasing the limits under Section 80C and hiking the tax slabs in a big way may not happen. A marginal increase in the tax slab as in the previous budget may be the best that individuals can expect. Implementing and change in the 80C limit of increasing… Read More »