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6 Hard-nosed Facts You Need to Know When Inflation Gets Deflated

First, the good news. Inflation, or rise in prices, has a bloody nose from the pounding it’s been taking this year. While the Consumer Price Index (CPI) based inflation has dipped to 3.66% in August, the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation has plummeted to -4.95%. In fact, the WPI-based inflation has been floating in negative territory… Read More »

6 Golden Goals to Kick-Off Your Financial Planning

Just like each football match requires a strategic plan for each game, so does your financial life. Here are some must have, unavoidable financial goals that should be part of your strategic plan.     YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO: Make sure your investments are lining up with your goals – SIP Calculator

How to Beat Inflation with Some Solid Financial Planning

Uncle Scrooge from The Duck Tales had a tower full of golden coins just so that he could swim in them. His miserly ways made him rich beyond his dreams, and yet he remained miserly. We’d all love to have enough money to swim in. But, Uncle Scrooge belongs to a much earlier time, and… Read More »

7 golden ways to beat inflation woes!

The situation in most Indian households and corporate offices today shows one major action taken – cost-cutting. This action is attributed to the inflation rates in India as well as the looming global recession. Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services.

Price and inflation – How are they related?

There is always a direct relation between prices of certain commodities and inflation. Let’s take the price of oil. This and inflation are connected in a cause and effect relationship. As oil prices move up or down, inflation follows in the same direction. The reason why this happens is that oil is a major input… Read More »

Beat inflation with indexation benefits

Our investments are heavily affected by inflation. Assume you have opened a bank deposit offering you 6% interest for one year. Now while closing the deposit account, if the inflation is 8%, you actually end up losing 2% (8-6). It means your investment has lost its value. In order to protect the value of your… Read More »

Compounding vs Inflation, make the best of both

Also if held for the long term, you also stand to save on the capital gains tax. Capital gains are the gains you make on your investment after deducting the inflation. As you continue to hold the investment for a long term, the compounding increases. At the same time, the rate of inflation goes up.

Budget 2010 – Forget inflation, increase income!

The key element of the budget that creates an income of almost Rs.10,000 crores for the Government and increases inflation in a big way is the introduction of Customs duty on crude and introduction of excise duty of Re.1/liter on petrol. This announcement in fact lead to heated objections in the Parliament and the budget… Read More »

RBI policy – On curbing inflation

As per RBI data during the current financial year (up to October 10, 2009), the increases in prices of wheat (3.5 per cent) and rice (5.9 per cent) were relatively low as supply side pressures were mitigated by the comfortable levels of food grain stocks with public agencies which stood at 44.3 million tonnes as… Read More »