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The BankBazaar #BestDealEver Contest

Ever got super lucky when it came to getting the best deals? We know that itā€™s the rarest of the rare case but THINK, there must be something šŸ˜‰ and think hard because this answer can win you cash prizes worth Rs. 1000.

The BankBazaar #WhatWouldYouGiveUp Contest

So hereā€™s a contest where you pick out ways by which you aim to save money and in turn we reward you with some more money. Seems like a fair deal, right? (well, all is fair where money is involved ;)) If you had to start saving on money what would be that one thingā€¦ Read More »

The BankBazaar #NameThatFilm Contest

Take a punt with the BankBazaar #NameThatFilm Contest! Are you big on the movies from years gone by? Watch out for three filmsĀ on our FacebookĀ timeline through the week,Ā guess the missing word in their titles, and stand to win a prize! How can you participate? 1. Like our Facebook page! Also get five of your friendsā€¦ Read More »

The BankBazaar #TagAPal Contest!

Step into the BankBazaar #TagAPal Contest! Do you have a wacky friends circle? Watch out for three types of characters on our social timelines through the week, pick out a friend from your Facebook or Twitter handle who fits the bill, and stand a chance to win a prize! How can you participate? 1. Likeā€¦ Read More »