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Common Personal Loan myths busted!

A personal loan is a saviour when you need short term liquidity, don’t you agree? The hassle free application process and quicker disbursement has made personal loans the choice and millions. Despite its popularity, certain myths about personal loans make it look like a debt trap as people don’t bother to confirm these misconceptions. Let’s clarify them for you so you know the facts and you know exactly what you’re getting into when you apply for a personal loan.

Would you Take Financial Advice from a Robot?

Artificial Intelligence has been represented in a lot of movies. I Robot, Bicentennial Man, Ex Machina and even Rajnikanth’s Yenthiran have shown how helpful Artificial Intelligence could be. But it may not be as far a possibility as it seems. Your financial planning can be sorted out by a robot as well. Who are Robo… Read More »