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Virtual Credit Cards

Do you have fraud-o-phobia when it comes to using your Credit Card online?

We all are very cautious about using our Credit Cards online, for fear of frauds and misuse. What if we told you we have a way to avoid Credit Card fraudsters and keep your card secure? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is true. We’ll tell you how you can attain peace of mind while shopping online.

Safe Credit Card Practices You Should Be Following

A Credit Card can come in handy in many situations. Hence, its use has increased significantly over time… so has its misuse. Here are a few tips to prevent fraudulent activity on your card. Apply Now! Never respond to emails asking for your card details. No matter how official it may seem, banks will never… Read More »

5 Ways to Handle Credit Card Related Problems

Recently, a woman sued Coca Cola as she didn’t get her date with Hrithik Roshan. She didn’t get what was promised to her just like sometimes, your credit card gets charged despite being promised something else. Credit card related problems are on the rise as credit card usage is increasing by the day. Whatever the… Read More »

How to Avoid Getting Your Credit Card Hacked

Hera Pheri and Catch Me If You Can are popular movies where fraud and swindling are cleverly done. They might be entertaining enough to watch repeatedly, but nobody would ever want to be the one being cheated. Credit Card fraud is one of the worst new age ways to be cheated. Who should bear the… Read More »

10 Smart Ways to Avoid Credit Card Frauds

Credit Card fraud can happen in a variety of ways ranging from from a low tech theft to a high tech hacking and may include risks like application fraud, lost/ stolen cards, account takeover, skimming, triangulation etc. You can protect yourself from becoming victim of a fraud by taking following precautions: 1) Keep a check… Read More »

You can't be too careful with your credit card!

Closer to home, an 18-year-old IIT student posed as a bank executive, got credit card details from customers, and then used the data to book air tickets and buy laptops. He tied up with a travel agent to cancel the tickets and share the returns, while he sold the laptops across the country at a… Read More »