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5 Ways to Handle Credit Card Related Problems

Recently, a woman sued Coca Cola as she didn’t get her date with Hrithik Roshan. She didn’t get what was promised to her just like sometimes, your credit card gets charged despite being promised something else. Credit card related problems are on the rise as credit card usage is increasing by the day. Whatever the… Read More »

Credit card checklist!

As the features offered by each credit card varies, it is essential for you to understand which features will benefit you a lot. If you are shopping regularly at a particular store, go for a credit card that offers your reward points or cash back or discount when you shop at that store. Don’t select… Read More »

Lending Loans through Kisan credit cards

  According to a recent press release, the Reserve Bank of India has confirmed that the credit offered to farmers through the Kisan credit card would be treated as direct finance for agriculture under priority sector lending. Reserve Bank of India has announced that lending money through Kisan Credit card is only allowed for agriculture… Read More »