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How India is Giving Rise to Financial Entrepreneurs: A True Saga

The Great Indian Rope Trick. A cute yet annoying thing we’ve had to hear whenever anyone from across the pond spoke about India in the same breath as “things back home”. You’d think they were talking about the 1900s. Yet, here we are in 2015, doing exactly that. The Great Indian Rope Trick. Only, we’re… Read More »

How to build wealth from equities? Some pointers!

Once you develop an investment plan you have got to stick to it. Asset classes, especially equities can move wildly based on political, global and other news. Having discipline while investing will benefit. It also means staying away from a potential investment when the risk / reward are unfavorable. It is the deciding factor between… Read More »

The concept of risk & investment in India!

Protecting the principal thus cannot be a reasonable objective for an investor, unless it is for the short term. A person who wants protect the principal for making a house down payment after 5 months, wanting to buy a bike after 3 months, who has her daughter to be married off in the next 4… Read More »