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Celebrities And Body Part Insurance

These days more and more Indian celebrities and sportsmen are opting to copyright or insure their ‘valuable’ body parts for quite a tidy sum. This has been quite popular in Hollywood and these days quite a few Indian celebrities are following suit. Would you ever choose to insure a body part?

Super Top-up Health Insurance – What’s That?

Settling medical bills can often be a nightmare! Even though you have medical or health insurance, it’s possible for hospital bills to cross the insurance threshold. At times like these, a super top-up health insurance plan can act as a boon as it helps you cover the additional amount on your bills. Want to know how? Read on.

Mediclaim vs Health Insurance

Mediclaim and Health Insurance look like two sides of the same coin, but a thorough analysis will tell you that these are two different coins altogether – as different as a Dollar and a Dinar. It’s important to pick the right coin. Most times, people buy a Mediclaim policy thinking it is a Health Insurance plan. So we will help you understand the difference.

Why health insurance?

The most neglected is health insurance. Most often this tax saving instrument is brushed aside with the logic that after all it’s an expense (no monetary gains) and well we all save for the “rainy day”. So why incur an additional expense? The moot point – Is it truly an additional expense?