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Celebrities And Body Part Insurance

These days more and more Indian celebrities and sportsmen are opting to copyright or insure their ‘valuable’ body parts for quite a tidy sum. This has been quite popular in Hollywood and these days quite a few Indian celebrities are following suit. Would you ever choose to insure a body part?

Who Else Wants to Know Their Rights as an Insurance Policy Holder?

The next time you set out to buy insurance and find your eyes glossing over reading the policy wordings and lengthy contract clauses, remind yourself of what happened to Sumit Diwedi. Sumit Diwedi (44) now regrets the day when he believed the insurance advisor who told him that all diseases will be covered under his… Read More »

5 Nagging Insurance Queries Answered

  Amitabh Bachchan immortalized the ‘Phone-a-friend’ option in his blockbuster television show Kaun Banega Crorepati. To participants groping for answers, this usually came as a much-needed lifeline. What wouldn’t you give to get help similarly with the myriad questions about insurance confounding you? Well, we don’t have a Phone-a-friend option but we sure do have… Read More »

Choose the right insurance policy!

Choosing the right kind of insurance cover not only determines the care that we receive should our health take a wrong turn, but it can be the wild card in your financial plan. There are many benefits of an insurance cover; however, topping the list of benefits is the financial support that a family gets… Read More »

Premium waiver rider benefits!

One of the most popular and important riders added to an insurance policy is the ‘Waiver of Premium’  rider. If this rider is a part of one’s insurance policy, it ensures that the premiums to be paid by the insured are waived in the event that the insured becomes ‘completely disabled’ or loses his source… Read More »

Planning to revive your insurance policy? Here’s help

In order to prevent the lapsing of policy, it is advisable to keep insurance and investment. It has three-fold advantage. First, if you opt to cancel your policy, you don’t suffer any financial loss. Also it is simpler to track your investment. If you are ever in financial need, you can always redeem these investments… Read More »