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How Much Insurance is Enough Insurance?

The main purpose of buying life insurance is to make sure that your family is financially secure if you aren’t around to take care of them. That you already know, but majority of insurance buyers do not look at insurance as a protective instrument and use it as a financial investment. Their only concern is… Read More »

A High Value Insurance or Multiple Policies: Which is a Better Investment Option for You?

  Which smartphone to buy seems to be an everyday question of various Facebook groups. We are spoilt for choice in this day and age. This or that is a constant question. When it comes to investments, we seem to have a lot of choices as well. One question that often perplexes many insurance takers… Read More »

Lower insurance premium, take a floater policy!

Is there any way you can cover your whole family under a single policy? Yes, opt for floater health insurance cover. It is a health insurance cover that provides cover to your entire family in case of any eventuality when the policy is in force. This policy covers medical expenses that you have to bear… Read More »

Forgot your premium? Here’s help!

What benefit would Ajay get out of reviving an old policy? For one, he would get the benefit of having to pay regular premiums calculated when he was 28 – which would be less than the premium for a similar, new policy taken at the age of 32. Secondly, he will continue to get all… Read More »