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An Introduction to Child Plans

Child Plans are insurance plans that help parents save for their child’s future expenses. A Child Plan offers a Life Insurance cover on the parent’s life and ensures the financial security of the child in case of the parent’s demise. Read on and we’ll give you an introduction to Child Plans and tell you why they are a good investment to secure your child’s future.

Life Insurance Myth Busters

Excerpt: Many of us have the wrong idea about Life Insurance policies. To put it simply, Life Insurance gives your loved ones financial security in your absence. But there’s more. Not sure about which policy to choose? We’ll give you an overview of the different types of Life Insurance policies and even crack some myths associated with Life Insurance for you. With our guide to understanding Life Insurance, we’ve got you covered.

5 (Very Wrong) Reasons People Buy Life Insurance in India

5 Very Wrong Reasons People Buy Life Insurance
Going by recent findings, more and more Indians are steadily abandoning their Life Insurance plans within two years of taking them on. Although Life Insurance is every bit the great financial product it’s meant to be, most people buy it for all the wrong reasons.

What Happens If You Don’t File Your Income Tax Return?

Has the idea of the income tax department always scared you a little? All of us have heard at least one story about someone getting into trouble for not paying their taxes. And what about filing your Income Tax Return? Are you wondering what the repercussions would be if you didn’t file your return? Just read on and everything will start to look a little clearer.

Grow up! Life Insurance is Not Just for the Old Folks

You don’t really talk about life insurance when you are taking a walk in the park with your loved ones, do you? Actually, you don’t wish to talk about it at all! You think that you need it only when your hair turns grey. How far are you from the truth? Okay! Consider that you… Read More »