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PPF As A Tax-Saver And Investment Option

PPF is a typical savings tool but one has to invest for the long term. This means that there is an asset class mismatch. But on the convenience side, the fund scores pretty high for the flexibility that it offers. There are additional unique advantages in the form of wealth tax and insolvency benefits from… Read More »

Which gives higher returns – EPF or PPF?

EPF and PPF are cases of classic asset class mismatch – they are savings tools which are implemented for the long term. So technically they are not ideal investment avenues. However as a salaried person, one does not have an option not to invest in EPF. One could make withdrawals for suitable alternative investments if… Read More »

A look at investments that can help you save tax

ULIPs basically work like a mutual fund with a life cover thrown in. They invest the premium in market-linked instruments like stocks, corporate bonds and government securities. Investments in ULIPs attract tax benefits under Section 80C. The returns and the lock-in period depend on the plan chosen.

Investment avenues, Public Provident Fund

Tax treatment is where the PPF scores very high. The PPF comes under the Exempt- Exempt- Exempt category. This means that the amount invested gets tax benefits, the interest is not taxed and so is the final maturity amount. The investment gets benefits under Section 80C of the IT Act. The investment however is limited… Read More »