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Must Have Saving Schemes for Savers Great and Small

We all have that one friend that is great at planning everyone’s birthday, including their own, and that one other friend who shows up late to every birthday, even their own. We all differ just as much when it comes to our finances. While some manage their budget well and pay off their loans diligently,… Read More »

Top 5 Tax Saving Investment Plans

  When Frank Sinatra sang ‘Fly me to the moon…’ he probably wasn’t thinking that we humans would actually make living on the moon possible. Although that plan is for a couple of years away, you could always start saving up to make it to the moon. Tax saving investment plans could just be the… Read More »

How to Juggle Investments Across Cities: A Case Study in Financial Planning

Ever noticed the gleam in the eyes of jugglers who perform at circuses or talent shows, juggling hoops, flaming torches and knives with aplomb? Well, Krishna Prasad was one such juggler. Only, he juggled investments. Smart investment decisions require you to have patience and an eye for details – not unlike those circus performers. Such investors… Read More »

Making the best use of your passive income

Everyone likes a little extra in life. Be it a free topping on your favorite pizza or some extra stash of cash apart from your regular earnings. In today’s inflation-oriented world, where prices of just about everything is sky rocketing, the more one can earn the better it is. It is no surprise that families… Read More »

3 easy ways to beat the tax deadline

Some habits die hard. One such habit is jumping out of your seat when you get a rude shock. Jeevan, a senior editor with a media group, did just that – jump out of his seat – when he received a call from the accounts department telling him that he would receive only 40% of… Read More »