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Savings and Investments; Two Sides of a Coin

Masters of illusions can make you see one thing as another until you figure out the trick. Savings and investments could look like the same thing, but that’s the illusion. Here’s the example of a couple who didn’t know the difference. Raman is a Government employee, drawing a modest salary. He leads a financially disciplined… Read More »

6 Potholes in a Hyper-Aggressive Investment Portfolio Expressway

  Super bikes are super popular with the youth today. Unfortunately, considering our crater-ridden roads, it would take a really skilled rider to get through them. They have to make sure that their bike does not fall apart bit by bit at a high speed. Similarly, many youngsters today follow an aggressive investment strategy. They… Read More »

6 Financial Planning Tips India can give the Rest of the World

  Snake charming, yoga, handicrafts and tourism are things that India seems to be famous for elsewhere on the globe. But, our culturally diverse land also has a couple of aces up its sleeves when it comes to financial planning. And we can teach the rest of the world a thing or two about it. The financial… Read More »