Taking the Financial Angle to World Poetry Day!

By | March 21, 2024

There is no one way to gain knowledge. Anyone can tell you that. But are you a believer in it? Or have you made up your mind on ‘things’ being learnt a ‘certain way’? We’re talking about those very things, a little differently, today!

Are you a poet and don’t know it? Get it? Get what we did there? 😀 This World Poetry Day, let’s awaken the poet in us and learn something we could use – through rhyme! We must admit, a hard-hitting phrase, a funny one-liner or song lyrics stay in our heads way better because we file it under the ‘fun information’, category! We retain this info flawlessly and bring it to the front when needed!

So, we’re going to do this – we’re going to pair up an unauthentic two to drive our point – Poetry and Finance! The poem is called:

Honey – How Do You Manage Your Money?

Are you ever glum when you hear the word ‘ finance’?

Does it make your heart heavy and weaken your stance?

Don’t worry, don’t worry – you’re not alone,

We’re here to address it and not postpone.

Honest, it’s as easy as grabbing a tissue,

See here, you’ll soon be over this ‘finance’ issue!

No more will you be left with a question mark,

You will be as wise as Noah when he built that ark!

How do I do it, such a task?

One moment please, it is no tough ask.

All you need to know is on our site,

Look around, get answers without a fight.

Whether it’s advice, your next move, or Personal Loan

You’ll get the support you need, a one that’s shown.

So don’t fret and wonder the next time around,

Perfect Credit Cards exist here! Let the trumpet sound!

So, say ‘yes’, say ‘yes’ to finance broken down,

Targeting what you need to turn the frown around

There it is…now, we do hope you feel better,

No more sad faces anymore or being under the financial weather!


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