The Benefits of a Credit Card

By | October 18, 2015



From time immemorial, we’ve had misgivings about credit cards. To what does it owe this bad reputation? It is said that we fear things that we do understand. Quite right and very apt in the case of plastic money. Borrowing is always ‘frowned upon’ by the masses since it is believed to lure people into a debt trap. Let’s clear all this fog, shall we. A fresh new perspective on credit cards is the need of the hour we’re here to offer just that. Credit cards have feelings too. Their plastic hearts beat real loud if you know how to listen. Here’s how you can form a deep bond with your ‘rectangular friend’. Read on!

Believe What You See:
This is probably the first thing you need to understand about credit cards. Little knowledge isn’t exactly helpful so let’s delve deeper. Did you know that using your card is like using money in your pocket where there’s absolutely no interest involved? This applies if you return the used amount on your card in full within a stipulated time. Let’s make this crystal clear. For example, you purchase a watch and pay using your card. Wait for your monthly statement to get generated. Look for the due date on your statement. As long as you pay the entire amount that was used to purchase the watch within that date – no interest! When and what did you buy? Keep track and pay it in full every month. This comes in very handy when you’re short of cash but know that it’s coming in later during the month. Cash doesn’t quite allow this luxury, no?

You Broke What?
What’s life without a few surprises? This inherent unpredictability makes life all that more interesting, worth living… beautiful. If you knew everything about tomorrow, it would sure knock the fun out of living, wouldn’t it? All this philosophical talk has a reason, you see. All we’re trying to say is that accidents happen and more often than not, we’re not prepared. What if you were though? Enter Credit cards! It’s a great little thing to have when you accidentally break that vase at the store or even break a leg (no pun intended). Security is a good thing, isn’t it?

More Is More:
Advancement in technology has led to a lot of changes in everyday life. It’s the age of the internet. We’re all connected to each other through computers and smartphones. Everything’s online. Everyone’s online! Hold on, we’re coming to the point. What is one thing that we do differently, these days compared to the more humble times. Think, think more…. a little more. Do you have the answer? Shopping – that’s the word you’re looking for! We shop quite a lot these days and most of it is online, right? Here’s why a credit card is the answer! You buy a phone and pay with cash – done deal. You buy a phone and pay with your credit card – you get reward points on your card. These points accumulated over time could get you a new phone for free. We rest our case.

Show You Care:
Blood is thicker than water, they say. There’s a reason for that. Family’s important. Our lives revolve around them and every day is a constant reminder of how much they mean to us. Add-On Credit cards are a great way to show your family that you care. They’ll be prepared for any financial emergencies too and might just be able to take advantage of that sale at the mall too. That makes you happy, doesn’t it?

Ready for a serious relationship? Get yourself a Credit card. We have plenty of offers!

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