The Unsafe Cyber World of Credit Cards

By BankBazaar | May 3, 2012

Today, our generation can be defined as the one that shares utmost peace and comfort with gadgets and gizmos of all shapes, makes, and sizes. We all rely heavily on these instruments for our everyday tasks, from alarm clocks to wake up in the morning, to cell phones that do not just enable you to talk to people across the globe, but also to check your emails on the go, listen to music on mp4s and iPods, and the latest Notebook or laptop which integrates all these features in one compact size. However, it would be shocking to know that many of these so called “tech whizs” find it absolutely impossible to rely on the cyber arena for the use of credit cards online or the process of internet banking.

This paranoid behavior can be attributed to the unsafe world of cyber space, where cyber crime and criminals lurk in every possible corner, waiting to pounce on innocent users of credit cards. These criminals are so smart that it is almost impossible to understand the mechanics of their operation, deeming it highly unlikely for authorities to track them on a later date. Many credit card users also claim that while they aren’t completely sure about the probable chances of their card getting hacked into, there isn’t any guarantee which secures them from the same. Thus, a growing trend has been witnessed in the industry where tech-savvy users of credit cards refrain from using or indulging in any form of online transactions, which is quite an ironic situation provided that ecommerce is the fastest growing industry in the country. Many industry believers are opposed to this belief as they state that transactions are far safer in the online world than in an offline scenario or setting. This is because when you carry transactions in an online space, it is the responsibility of the merchant to ensure that your transaction is carried out in a safe and secure platform, without leaking out any of your private details or credentials. However, in an offline scenario where customers mostly indulge in transactions on a personal basis, it is difficult to prove such transactions and the burden falls entirely on the shoulders of the customer. Also, when you go for an evening out, your card is often whisked off by the salesperson or waiter as payment towards the bill, and you have no idea if any malpractices have been indulged in any of those steps.

As more and more tech-savvy users of credit cards prefer to slog hours together just to make purchases personally, all by themselves, when the same task could have been carried out in minutes with the help of an online transaction with your credit card, many people still fail to adopt themselves to this growing trend claiming that the more they learn about the threats lurking in cyber space, the more difficult it is for them to take a step forward in this regard. While this is a professional hazard you simply cannot do away with, it is mandatory for credit card users to make smart and informed moves in this regard. Do not use ignorance as a shield to protect yourself from the growing crime rate. For example, just because robbers have started targeting banks for robbery, we do not amass our funds at home. We still continue to believe in the security of the banking institution, hopeful that they will recover with greater security measures. Opting for a personal loan or any other kind of loan to finance such liabilities should definitely not be your option in situations where you might be cash strapped. Therefore report any fraud as it comes to your notice. The same is applicable for online transactions with credit cards. Use them prudently and you will be rest assured for a whole experience of comfort, ease and convenience.

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