This is Why You Spend More on Credit Cards

By | September 1, 2015

Psst…We’ve solved a mystery and we’re letting you in on the secret.

Ignorance isn’t always bliss, is it? Credit Cards have earned quite a bad rap over the years. Your ‘indebted’ friends further fuel your misgivings. Time to face the truth! Here’s why you spend more on Credit Cards:

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Easy Peasy!
With e-commerce sites growing faster than your fingernails, it isn’t quite a mystery why credit cards are being used more than ever. That little piece of plastic can easily become your personal Genie. Poof!

No Attachment.
Feel strongly about your heard earned cash? Of course, you do. Plastic money belonging to the bank for you to spend any way you please – buy me that boat!

Rewards For Spending.
Who would have known? You get to buy what you want and then get to buy more of what you want because you bought what you want. Wait, what? Pretty much how reward points work.

I Want The Best!
Research shows that a credit card in your pocket gives you a wee bit of extra confidence while buying things. Cost becomes less of a factor while quality prevails. The human psyche sure is weird!

Now that the secret’s out and you’re all set, take a look at our offers. With the right kind of friends around to guide you (us), plastic money can be a good thing!

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