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Shop Better With A Credit Card!

Credit Cards are more frequently used when the festive season is around the corner. We tend to shop more, dine out, go for vacations and party with friends during the festive season; and all that would easily fall into place if we have a Credit Card handy, since more money surely means more fun!

Credit Cards Simplified: A Layman’s Guide

Credit Cards make you nervous? Here are a few ways in which that little piece of plastic can be a faithful companion: 1) Buying something you CAN afford. Salary isn’t due for a couple of weeks but that camera you wanted is on SALE – use your credit card! Just pay off the entire amount… Read More »

All you Need to Know for Your First Credit Card

With a Credit Card comes great responsibility. Enter Team BankBazaar! You don’t really have to experience everything yourself to learn from it. Count on your friends who’ve been there and done that – US! Just a few things to remember while using your card and you’re set. Ready? Here we go: Commitment Issues Stick to… Read More »

This is Why You Spend More on Credit Cards

Psst…We’ve solved a mystery and we’re letting you in on the secret. Ignorance isn’t always bliss, is it? Credit Cards have earned quite a bad rap over the years. Your ‘indebted’ friends further fuel your misgivings. Time to face the truth! Here’s why you spend more on Credit Cards: Get a Quote! Easy Peasy! With… Read More »

4 Types of People who Should Avoid Credit Cards

Have you ever given a thought on how you use your credit card? You may or may not but the issuer sure does. Let’s take a look at 4 kinds of people who should think twice about using credit cards. Check Eligibility The unorganized bill payer:  If you are the kind who pays your utility… Read More »

5 Ways You Gain from Credit Card Transactions

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but with credit cards, you can. Swiping that flash of gold can actually help you get more than just what you buy. You can be a smart credit card holder and get the best out of your card by taking advantage of the perks… Read More »

Multiple Credit Cards and You: a Match Made in Heaven?

Lots of Skittles, Snickers, Temptations and Eclairs laid out especially for you may make you fall in love with candy all over again. But too much candy can just as easily give you a stomach ache and loads of cavities. We’re sure you disagree (it’s okay, everybody loves chocolate). Multiple Credit Cards can seem just… Read More »

5 Reasons why you spend more with credit cards

Have you ever wondered why people splurge with cards even after knowing that it’s only borrowed money that they have to return to the bank someday? Various researches on the profiles of credit cards owners and their spending patterns says that there are several factors leading people to spending more using plastic. Here are the… Read More »