Valentine’s Day Gifts For Bae

By | February 14, 2021

Can’t seem to make up your mind about what to gift bae this Valentine’s Day? Skip the cliché chocolates and teddy bears, and try one of our suggestions.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Bae

It’s Valentine’s Day! And it’s time for you to whip out your Credit Card and hunt for the perfect gift for your loved one. Of course, we get it that you can’t afford a trip to Paris. But that’s no excuse for you to not spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your bae.

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We know that it’s one helluva task to find something perfect to gift your bae, especially if they already have pretty much everything. Now don’t get all tensed, we’ve got back! Here are some budget-friendly, unique and special valentine gifts that would surely put a smile on your bae’s face:

Handmade Gifts

Nothing can beat a handmade gift from a loved one.

One of the reasons why handmade gifts are well appreciated is the effort that goes into making something by yourself. Plus, when you’re making the gift, you can personalise it – be it colour, fragrance, flavours, etc., according to what your bae likes.

As far as gift ideas go, there are a lot of options. Candles, paper quilling, jewellery, soaps, paintings, origami, cards, pretty bows, something cozy and warm like a knitted sweater or blanket, fridge magnets, key chains, wind chimes, and dream catchers are a few to start with.

Love Is A Mixtape

This totally reminds us of the mixtape that Chandler gifted Monica as a Valentine’s Day gift. He, however, didn’t put any effort into making the mixtape and gave her a random tape (which was given to him by his ex). He eventually did get caught, but Monica was, of course, the forgiving type. On that note, you’d probably want to put some effort into making a mixtape for your bae, especially if you don’t want to spend V-Day on the streets.

Of course, tapes are a thing of the past. Hey, but there are USBs. Well, they aren’t gonna be as exciting as the good ol’ tape, they still make a great substitute. In the end, all that matters is the effort <wink>.

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Gourmet Teas

Fancy teas are the newest wrinkle. Well, who doesn’t love a good cuppa after all?

If your bae is all about teas, you can gift them an assorted teas gift basket. From chamomile to hibiscus, you get a wide variety of tea flavours these days. And, trust us, bae is certainly gonna love this gift.

However, we must warn you that these don’t come cheap. You’ll probably be shelling out anywhere from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 3,000, depending on how big a basket you’d want to gift.

Adventure Sports

This, my friend, is gonna cost you a little more than the other gifts we’ve mentioned. But it’s gonna be worth it. However, this ain’t for the faint-hearted, so if your bae isn’t someone who loves high-risk adrenaline kicks, then it’s best that you don’t force them into trying adventure sports.

When it comes to adventure sports, the options are endless. Bungee jumping, paragliding, kayaking, skiing, scuba diving, surfing, zorbing, rock climbing, hiking, caving, para sailing, trekking, canoeing. And the list goes on. Check out what’s available near you, pack your bags and get going.

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