Credit Cards To Get You Up Close & Personal With Coldplay

By | September 21, 2016

Want to Watch Coldplay Live? Please Don’t Sell Your Kidney!

Watching Coldplay live is a dream and dreams like these come with a price tag. A price tag that might seem like you’ll need to pawn a right arm and a kidney to afford. But why worry about price tags when you can get a Credit – Credit – Credit Card?

You could apply for one and get it approved in 30 minutes flat! This is your pass to Paradise.

Why Get a Credit Card?

A Credit Card allows you to borrow money from a bank when you’re short of funds. That’s alright. Not everybody is the Princess of China!

You won’t have to pay an interest on the borrowed amount, provided you pay the money back in time.

  • Viva-la-Visa!

You could use a Credit Card for virtually anything – right from getting a bite to flight tickets for the trip (if you don’t live in Mumbai).

  • Cards Full of Rewards!

Credit Cards come loaded with rewards. These include attractive cashback, redeemable points, and some awesome freebies.

  • Up & Up!

Getting a Credit Card will not just flex your financial situation but would also boost your Credit Score.

  • Every Teardrop is a Waterfall!

Carrying a wad of cash around is stressful. What if you lost it? With a Credit Card, it’s much safer. Even if you lost it, you could easily block the card and ask the bank to issue you a new one.

Rely on your plastic mate to make the concert an Adventure of a Lifetime for you!

Offers on Hotel Bookings

All pumped up about going to the concert? But where are you going to stay?

When you try too hard but don’t succeed at getting the best prices at a hotel, let these Credit Cards guide you to a great deal!

Below are a few cards that could Fix You up in a pretty good place for a pretty penny:

The Axis bank Miles and More card ranks high on cashback. You receive 15% off on all hotel bookings! Hurray! You can also redeem accumulated points on hotel bookings and car rentals as well! Cool, eh?

Every time you book a hotel with this card, you get 10 points for every Rs. 150 spent. You can redeem these points on other bookings. As a joining reward, you receive a special membership plan from Taj Epicura Plus and an Inner Circle Gold membership. You also get dining privileges at some of the best hotels in India!

Offers on Flights Bookings

Flight tickets making you feel blue? These Credit Cards would absolutely make you Yell-ow with joy! Here are some kickass deals you could snag on flights.

The Citi Cashback Card offers Rs. 1,200 cashback on every flight booking with What’s more, all your accumulated cashback gets auto-credited in multiples of Rs. 500. Woot! Woot!

This card helps you save a big on all your flights. You get 30,000 JPMiles on joining and about 15 JetPrivilege points. You earn 8 points on every Rs. 150 spent and unlimited airport lounge access in over 600 lounges around the world! You will also be able to avail concierge services for all your bookings.

This card is a gold mine for frequent fliers. Firstly, you get a free Jet Airways ticket on joining alone, plus 7,500 points. You also get 6 JPMiles for every Rs. 100 spent on Jet Airways and double rewards during weekends!

While Credit Cards do make life easier, it could easily turn into a nightmare. Keep track of your spending pattern just so you don’t run into debt!

Ready to get your Hymn For The Weekend on for 19th November? Early birds get better deals. The faster you make arrangements, the more you’ll save. Get your Credit Card now!

Don’t want a Credit Card? Try applying for Debit Cards. Spend wise, keep that kidney and Call it Magic!

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