What To Gift Your Father This Father’s Day

By BankBazaar | June 14, 2018

We know Mother’s Day was only a month ago and you probably broke the bank for her. But we have 3 cool ideas to help you plan an equally memorable day for your father as well.

What To Gift Your Father This Father’s Day

Honestly, we don’t put half the effort we put into celebrating Mother’s Day for Father’s Day. But dads being dads never complain. And this makes it all the more important to make this day a memorable one for all fathers and father figures out there.

We know Mother’s Day was only a month ago and you probably broke the bank to buy her gifts, a luxury spa routine and perhaps dinner at a fancy place too. But we have 3 cool ideas to help you plan an equally memorable day for your father as well. This does not involve gifting him a tie of any kind. We even have ideas about how to meet the cost.

So without further ado, start reading.

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  • Think Inside The Box

The world of e-commerce has grown around us in ways we cannot imagine. You can order almost everything online, from onions to an elephant, and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time. This trend has paved way for a burgeoning gift industry. Companies in this sector have brainstormed to come up with quirky, unique gifting options that are really out of the ordinary.

One such idea is a curated gift box. You bunch together a couple of things from your father’s wish list, or things he would love to own, and put it in a box full of confetti. It’s possible that your father might like the box more than gifts, but don’t let that thought stop you from considering this option.

You can buy a pre-curated gift box or do it yourself. Popular options for men can range from high-end perfumes to uber-luxury grooming items. Or how about a crate of beer? You can even personalise gifts by getting your father’s name emblazoned on the box or on the products. This should surprise him, especially when he is used to otherwise receiving ties.

To get the most out of your purchase, use a reward-rich Credit Card. You can get special discounts and earn points for the money spent.

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  • Get Your Detective Hat On

You’ll have to do this on the sly. If you are really out of ideas then peek into your father’s Amazon or any other e-retailer account and check out his wish list. You will get a good idea of what your dad has been searching for and then order it for him.

If that doesn’t work, you can buy him a year’s subscription of a magazine he reads or to a book club. Maybe even a club membership. He will be thrilled!

You can figure out his wish list by paying close attention to everything your dad says or talks about in the days up to Father’s Day. He is sure to pass a remark on something he likes or wants. This is your cue. Use this information to plan a gift box for him.

When nothing works, reach out to his friends and ask them to suggest something. They will definitely have some good ideas.

Think Abstract

Gifts can be forgotten but memories stay. A decade from now, your dad probably won’t remember what you gifted him, but he will surely remember the gesture. This gives us another idea. Gift him an experience! The gifting companies we were referring to earlier in the article also give you the option to plan something unique for your father instead of just buying him something tangible.

The options can range from golf classes, a holiday on a private island, celebrating Father’s Day on a chartered plane, a hot air balloon ride and others of the like. The idea is to pick something that’s really unique and something he definitely won’t do on a regular basis. Do some real digging and find something out of the ordinary.

These experiences are sure to thrill him. After all, what else matters when he is so happy?

If buying him a luxury experience is your thing, pair it with a premium Credit Card. These cards are designed to give you maximum return on big-ticket purchases. Want to explore a few more Credit Cards? We have a buffet of them. Click to start exploring.

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