Eid Special – Step Up To The Plate With Five Of The Best Biryani Restaurants In India

By BankBazaar | June 14, 2018

To celebrate Eid al-Fitr, we’ve compiled a mouth-watering list of the best biryani restaurants in five major Indian cities. Time to loosen those belts and let it all hang out.

Eid Special – Step Up To The Plate With Five Of The Best Biryani Restaurants In India

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, which, as everyone knows, is the holy month for Muslims worldwide during which they abstain from all food and drink. However, once Ramadan is over, all bets are off. It’s time to chow down like there’s no tomorrow.

And there’s no better way to end a month of intense fasting by diving into a vat full of lip-smacking, mouth-watering, taste bud-tingling biryani. In fact, the streets are abuzz all over India during this time of year with an incredible variety of food stalls that tend to leave food lovers gasping for breath in pools of their own drool.

With all the amazing food on display, your Debit and Credit Cards could be in for a rough time, especially if you head out to some of the fantastic biryani restaurants that litter most of the major metros in India. But that’s a small price to pay for a full stomach of the finest biryani money can buy.

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If you’re already salivating all over your computer, then get a towel and take a quick gander at five of the best biryani restaurants across some of the major Indian cities and some nifty Credit Cards that come with great dining rewards.

  • Bangalore – Richies Rahhams

If there’s one place to head to in Bangalore to satisfy your craving for all things biryani, then look no further than Richies. Located in Frazer Town, Richies has long been a favourite among local foodies for its absolutely stunning dishes that are sure to satisfy the pickiest of appetites.

However, it’s the mutton and chicken biryani dishes that are sure to have you coming back for seconds and even thirds. So whip out your wallet and start stuffing your face.

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  • Hyderabad – Paradise

No trip to Hyderabad is complete without eating to your heart’s content at the legendary Paradise restaurant. If the aromas don’t drive you wild, the incredible biryani choices on offer most certainly will.

Great for a night out with family and friends, especially if you all can’t decide on what to eat. One taste of their freshly cooked biryani rice will have you hooked before you know it.

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  • Mumbai – Café Noorani

Practically a landmark in Mumbai, Café Noorani has long been considered to be one of the prime spots for biryani in the city. With throngs of food lovers packing the place every day, you’d be hard-pressed to find something on their menu that’s anything less than savoury.

The chicken tikka biryani comes highly recommended, especially if those nasty hunger pangs hit you out of the blue. Cool it all down with their signature caramel custard dish and you have a perfect night on your hands.

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  • New Delhi – Karims

Not only is Karims one of the must-visit spots for biryani in New Delhi, it also has the distinction of being ranked by Time magazine as one of the finest restaurants in the country. Known for their inimitable flavours and cooking methods, Karims has wowed food lovers from all over the country since time immemorial.

Get a taste of their infamous chicken dum biryani that will leave you begging for more. Just make sure you call a cab to lug that tummy of yours home after you’re done.

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  • Lucknow – Wahid Biryani

Wahid is a household name among locals in Lucknow. And for good reason too. The biryani here is made up of no less than 55 different spices, giving it a flavour that is absolutely unearthly. While Wahid’s is also famous for a range of other dishes, you can’t really go wrong with a combination of their dazzling biryani and seekh kebabs.

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Is that rumbling we hear your stomach growling? Well, that makes the two of us. We’re sure you have your favourite biryani joints you regularly haunt, so don’t hesitate to write in and let us know about them.

So before you devour your keyboard, make sure you check out the Credit Card offers we listed above so you can save big on your next big food binge.

Bon appétit!

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