Why Credit Card Makes a Great Festive Gift

By | December 3, 2015

Why A Credit Card Makes A Great Festive Gift

India is known for its many festivals. As soon as the celebrations of one festival end, we begin gearing up for another. Diwali has gone by and most of us are already prepping for Christmas and New Year’s. Festivals are a great time to show your loved ones how much you care. While there is no yardstick to measure your love and gratitude, gone are the days of gifting them old-fashioned sweets and gifts.

An add-on Credit Card could be the solution!

How to get started

Ever heard of gifting your close family or relatives a Credit Card?

You can request your bank to issue an add-on Credit Card from your account. You can get the add-on card in the name of any of your family members. This includes your parents, siblings, spouse or any children above 18 years of age.

How much will an add-on card cost?

Most Credit Card companies issue add-on cards free of cost, especially to those customers who pay their dues regularly. So, if you are in the good books of your bank, you can avail this facility without any extra costs. Some banks charge a minimal fee if you exceed the number of supplementary add-on cards.

Can I monitor the spending?

Wish to gift a Credit Card but are skeptical about the spendthrift ways of your child or spouse? Don’t worry as you will still hold the power of setting the credit limit for the add-on card. Also, as the primary card holder, you will receive notifications about every purchase made with the add-on card. So, effective monitoring is available with the cards.

Can I gift more than one add-on card?

You can gift multiple add-on cards. This depends on your overall credit limit. For example, if your primary Credit Card has a credit limit of Rs. 1 lakh, you can easily avail two add-on cards with a limit of Rs. 50,000 each or 4 cards with a limit of Rs. 25,000 each.

Benefits of an add-on card

You can share the credit limit offered on your Credit Card with your family. Irrespective of how many members you share your credit with, you will get a consolidated bill for transactions on all cards.

Do add-on cards allow international transactions?

Add-on cards enjoy the same benefits as that of the primary Credit Card. If international usage is permitted on the primary card, then add-on cards too can be used for international transactions.

What about reward points?

As mentioned above, whichever rewards schemes are available on the primary card, the same will be applicable to add-on cards. You will earn the same number of reward points for transactions on supplementary cards as you will on the main card.


So, don’t follow the crowd this season and pick up gifts at a store. Make it more memorable by gifting an add-on card.


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