Why You Should Go Cashless

By | June 30, 2019

We know that you are still struggling to get cash from the nearest ATM. That’s why we suggest that you go cashless. Here’s how to do it smoothly.


Your wallet has always been flush with cash, but is it in a sorry state today because the ATMs near you are closing down? You are not alone. Thousands of other Indians are facing the same issue. For those who are used to dealing with cash for all their payments, it is a tough time indeed. But if you are smart enough to make good use of other modes of payment like Debit Card and Credit Card, then things would be smoother for you. Either way, going totally cashless is not a bad option. In fact, there are many perks attached to it. Here’s a roadmap on how to go cashless.

Let’s start with our everyday expenses that badly need payments by cash.


If you are one who doesn’t take your ‘dabba’ to the office, then you are eating out every day. In this case, it is possible that you need alternatives. Ordering your food online is a great option. There are, of course, apps that help you order food using your mobile. Thankfully, you can opt to pay using e-wallets, net banking, a Debit Card or Credit Card instead of choosing cash on delivery. The best part? You can get discounts from your online food joint.

Want more? Get a Dining Credit Card that will help you save on those food bills every time you swipe. Take the case of the HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card. You get 10 points for every Rs. 150 you spend on dining on weekdays while most other dining cards offer you points only when you dine on weekends. You get reward points for other dining spends too. What’s more, the card offers you discounts of up to Rs. 9,600 every year on dining.

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The local auto rickshaws are not going to accept those Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes. So, try apps like Ola Auto where you can load the app’s wallet with money using your net banking account. Cab services such as Ola and Uber have their own e-wallets which you can use to pay for your ride.

You can, of course, book flight tickets using net banking, Credit Card or Debit Card. Want to save some money on your flight bookings? Get an Airline Credit Card to save big. You get free miles and reward points for all spends. The best part? The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can be as low as 23%.

Have your own car? Keep a Fuel Credit Card handy. It will not only help you fill your car’s tank, but it will also help you save every time you fill up. Take the case of the IndianOil Citi Platinum Card. You save over 5% on the fuel cost if you fill fuel at IndianOil outlets. You can also use a Cashback Credit Card for this purpose. The best part? Most Credit Cards offer a waiver for the fuel surcharge that comes to about 2.5%.

Paying utility bills

This was a toughie a decade ago. But today, all banks offer the facility to you to pay utility bills (such as electricity and mobile bills) using your net banking account. You can, of course, make online payments at the respective Government or telecom websites using your Credit Card or Debit Card. You can even use your e-wallet account to pay your utility bills. Here’s how you can save more using your Credit Card. Cards such as the Citi Cashback Card, give you 5% cashback on all your utility bill payments made online through Citibank’s Online Bill Pay service.

Buying groceries

Your local kiranawala is not giving any discounts? So, go online. There are many websites and apps such as Big Basket that deliver your groceries at your doorstep. You can pay using net banking, a Credit or Debit Card. The doodhwala is not accepting cards? Order milk online. You can even go for milk with a long shelf life which doesn’t even need a refrigerator.

You can also use those Credit and Debit Cards at the local supermarket. A number of banks are now offering prepaid cards, which you can load with money and use for your shopping. Now, how can you save on your grocery bills? There is a great way to do that – by using Shopping or Cashback Credit Cards. Take the case of the SBI Simply Save Credit Card.  This card gives you 10 points for every Rs. 100 you spend on your grocery shopping. The best part? It applies to all your departmental store shopping trips and you get reward points for other spends too.

Transferring money

Looking to loan your relative or friend some money? You can do it through your net banking account using National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Real-time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) and Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) facilities offered by banks. For zero cost, you can transfer money across banks. Recently, RBI removed charges for NEFT and IMPS.

IMPS works on all days, even bank holidays, unlike the other systems. You need to keep the recipient’s bank account details, bank’s IFSC code, and bank name handy for making transfers using these systems. If you want to enjoy hassle-free transfer of money, you can consider using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) offered by banks. You can use this app to transfer funds using your smartphone. You just need a bank account with your phone number linked to it.

In the case of UPI, you can make payments using multiple bank accounts. You can also set up payments such as your Home Loan EMI and utility bills. Just use your smartphone to download the UPI app and create a virtual address for your payments. You just need to use the virtual address for making the payment.

Lifestyle spends

There are a number of cards that give you rewards and cash back on movie ticket spends. Use your Credit Card to book your tickets online or using an app. You can save quite a bit every time you buy those movie tickets. Take the Kotak Delight Credit Card, for instance. It gives a whopping 10% cashback on all your movie spends, subject to a limit of Rs. 600 per billing cycle. And then there are shopping Credit Cards if you love splurging. These cards give you cash back and reward points for every rupee that you spend on shopping.

Apart from your regular spends, you can use your Credit or Debit Cards for all other purchases. You can, of course, use e-wallets to make your payments. But with e-wallets, you need to load cash. Credit and Debit Cards have no such issues. For e-wallets, you need a smartphone and an internet connection. With Credit and Debit Cards, you just need to take them out of your wallet and give them to the merchant.

What’s more, Debit Cards come with a PIN for added security. Today, even Credit Cards come with a PIN. Want a more secure option? Go for a Chip Credit Card. The chip in the Credit Card helps protect you from becoming a victim of card hacking. A hacker cannot copy the card information when you swipe because every transaction is an encrypted transaction with a Chip Credit Card.

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Spends By Family Members

Worried that your spouse or (major) child will not have enough cash for their daily expenses? Give them an add-on Credit Card. This way, you needn’t worry about them not having enough money and you can also keep track of all their purchases. The best way to rein in their expenses, what say?

Are these reasons enough for you to go cashless? If not, here’s one more. You can convert your Credit Card purchases to EMIs in case you are unable to make payments on big purchases. Not valid for e-wallets! Debit Cards allow you to swipe as much as you have in your bank account. Convinced about going cashless already?

Next time someone asks you for cash, just say, no thanks! Join the cashless wave and you will never want to use cash again!

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